TOUCH ME by Skye Malone @skye_malone @GCReading

Title: Touch Me #1

Series: Touch Me

Author: Skye Malone

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Wildflower Isle

Publication Date: February 18, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-940617-30-5

Cover Designer: Karri Klawiter


Caitlin Faire was only expecting a simple night out to celebrate her best friend’s twenty-first birthday. But enter one gorgeous and mysterious guy, and inexplicable visions that can’t possibly be real, and you have an evening that becomes anything but simple.

Suddenly, she’s seeing visions everywhere. Being overwhelmed by strange impulses she can’t control. She thinks she’s going insane.

Until she almost kills the first man she touches.

“What are you doing?
I jump, my gaze snapping to the doorway at the harsh whisper. And he’s standing there. The guy from the club. From the street. A matte black jacket covers him now, and if not for the moonlight streaming through the window on the other side of the room, he’d
disappear into the thick shadows entirely.
But he’s here. Like the street, here. On the seventh floor of a hospital that’s mostly shut down for the night. Terrified, I back
Or try to.
My legs won’t hold me. The adrenaline of the past moments has shot all my reserves of energy. I crumple back against the pale green curtain and hear the rungs clatter on the metal pole overhead.
He’s at my side in an instant, his strong hands catching me before I can fall farther.
And suddenly, breathing becomes distinctly optional.
“You’re hurt,” he hisses angrily. “You need your strength. Why are you—”
He cuts off when he glances to the dark-haired girl on the bed, and something about his face goes still. It lasts only a heartbeat, though. Then he turns back to me and the odd expression is gone.
“Come on,” he says rather than continue berating me.
His grip adjusts on me, one arm sliding around my back while the other takes my legs, and he lifts me effortlessly. Instinctively, my arms wrap around his neck, hanging on tight as he carries me to the hospital bed.
And I can’t breathe. I so can’t breathe. Part of me — the sane, rational, smart-Caitlin part of me — wants to scream bloody murder for the nurse. Because he was there, right when I noticed the fog for the first time. Right when I realized what was happening to me. It could be his fault for all I know.
But the rest of me isn’t listening. The rest of me is locked on him. On the sensation of his jacket against my bare legs, the fabric warmed by his body. On the way I can feel his muscles moving in his chest when he turns with me in his arms. I bite my lip,
all manner of urges and thoughts flying through my head. Only a lifetime of habit crushes them before they take me like wildfire.
Gently, he lowers me to the hospital bed. His arms leave me and he sinks down, folding into the chair at my bedside with fluid ease. He’s comfortable in his body, I can tell. More comfortable than anyone I’ve ever seen. Moonlight touches his skin and
shoulders with silver, though much of his face is hidden in the shadow the light casts.
But his eyes are on me. I can see them, barely, in the darkness. They make it difficult to think.
“Who are you?” I whisper.


Skye Malone is a fantasy and paranormal romance author, which means she spends most of her time not-quite-convinced that the things she imagines couldn’t actually exist.
Born and raised in central Illinois, she hopes someday to travel the world — though in the meantime she’ll take any story that whisks her off to a place where the fantastic lives inside the everyday. She loves strong and passionate characters, complex villains, and satisfying endings that stay with you long after the book is closed. An inveterate writer, she can’t go a day without getting her hands on a keyboard, and can usually be found typing away while she listens to all the adventures unfolding in her head.
Skye also writes YA urban fantasy as Megan Joel Peterson and is the author of The Children and the Blood trilogy.
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HEART SONG by Samantha LaFantasie #excerpt @GCReading @SamLaFantasie

Title: Heart Song

Author: Samantha LaFantasie

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

There once was a world filled with magic and immortals. To protect the immortals the world was torn into two realms, one of mortals and one of magic.

For centuries Jiren has been one of the leaders of the immortal realm, but his power is now put at risk when it is said that the heart song between a mortal, Relena, and a werewolf, Marren is fated to bring both the mortal and immortal realms together once again before the world is forever shrouded in darkness.

The shape-shifting, ethereal vampire, Jiren, will stop at nothing to prevent the realms from rejoining, even killing another Ancient—the most unforgivable crime.

In addition, Relena and Marren are put through one of the greatest tests of their relationship just to prove their love for one another, putting the future of both realms in jeopardy; solely to appease the other Ancient rulers of the immortal realm.

With both realms doomed if they are not together, will Marren and Relena be able to prove their heart song or will Jiren have his way and throw the world into complete devastation?

I woke from a fitful sleep with a loud clap of thunder that shook the room. I sat up, struggling to catch my
breath, when I saw someone at the foot of the bed. “Marren?”
“I’m here.”
“What are you doing at the foot of my bed?” I said, impatient and still angry.
“I want you to see me . . . what I am,” he replied as if he was surrendering to something he didn’t want to do.
My heart raced. Questions and warnings rang in the back of my mind. One thing overwhelmed them all. Need. A need to know, a need to see, a need to keep him with me because I was too proud to admit I was too scared to be alone.
I moved slowly, crawling on top of the blankets and to the edge of the bed. I stood on my knees and took deep breaths to calm myself as lightning and thunder crashed and rain pelted the stone balcony. I reached with trembling hands and pulled the sheers apart slowly. Marren stood on the other side of the bench, patiently waiting for my reaction. He stood perfectly still,
like a statue belonging in the ballroom with the other races, long fallen into myth and legend. Lighting flashed across his face, and I realized why he was so afraid.
I froze. Partly in terror and partly in awe. “You’re a werewolf.”
“Are you afraid of me?” he asked with uncertainty.
Of course, I was afraid. It wouldn’t be natural otherwise. I couldn’t tell him that. “No. More like . . . mesmerized.”
I leaned over the bench, reached out my hand and touched his face. Soft and smooth skin returned my touch, just as with the human part of him. My fingers traced the changes, moving over the rises and falls of his features. Goosebumps rose on my arms and trickled down my spine. Another flash of lightning shone on his face, his eyes were closed.
“You’re beautiful,” I whispered.
“You—you don’t think I’m a monster?”
I laughed under my breath. “How could I?”
“This is what I am. If living a life with me is what you really want, you will need to eventually make the change as well,” his words
echoed soundlessly through my mind, as well as the urgency within them.
I dropped my hand and sat back on my legs. “Before I can
think about that, give me some answers.”
He nodded slowly.
“How old are you?”
“Old enough to have seen the changes in this world,” he
spoke with sadness in his words.
“Does that mean you will live forever?”
“Theoretically, yes.”
“So if I decide not to make the change, then . . .”
“It will kill me when you eventually die.”
“Why would my death kill you?” I fought a losing battle. Instead of getting answers, I found more questions.
His mouth opened as if he was going to answer, but then he closed it, looking out the window. Worry creased his brow.
I tried a different approach, “Is that the decision you warned me of?”
“I wouldn’t want you to rush into something like this. It takes time. With the company that’s coming, you’ll need to make that decision sooner than I had hoped.”
I climbed atop the bench and then stepped to the floor to stand in front of him; my knees were stiff from sitting on them. “When?”
“The decision will need to be made by tomorrow night.”
“What happens if I say no?”
“I would rather not think about that but considered that a possibility.”
“And?” I asked. “I’m hoping you won’t,” he said.
“Why is it important to you for me to say yes?” “Because, my world was never complete until you were a part of it, and you are my heart song.”
My mind emptied of everything. Every question, every thought and argument, even logic left my mind. Not once did I expect to hear words like his. I was never anything to anyone. My own father didn’t even want me, and yet, Marren did. The whirlwind of my life seemed less chaotic with him. He calmed the destructive force that claimed so much of me, and when I thought about not having him around, my heart hurt. I’ve always been told persistence wins over patience. I didn’t realize how true that was until now.
My decision was made. I lifted my hands to his chest, his heart thumped against my touch. I inched close enough for his breath to blow over my neck and shoulders. His lips pressed into my forehead, but I could tell he was holding back. I slid my hands around his neck and pulled his lips to mine. Fire pulsed through my veins, setting every nerve ending ablaze. Everywhere his hands touched, tingled like tiny bolts of lightning. Slowly, his arms wrapped around me as our kiss deepened. My feet left the floor as he carried me to the side of the bed, lying me down. His mouth traced the edge of my jaw and the length of
my neck. He pulled away, letting his breath flow over my skin in warm waves.
“Are you sure this is what you want?”


A Kansas native, Samantha LaFantasie spends her free time with her spouse and three kids. Writing has always been a passion of hers, forgoing all other desires to devote to this one obsession, even though she often finds herself arguing with her characters through much of the process. She’s primarily a fantasy writer but often feels pulled to genres such as sci-fi, romance, and others.

Samantha became a bestselling author with the Pandora Boxed Set (which includes Made to Forget: Nepherium Novella series–Part One) on both Amazon and USA Today.
Samantha loves to take time to enjoy other activities such as photography and playing her favorite game of all time, Guild Wars 2.
Want more from Samantha? Keep up with her at any of her digital hangouts.

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Prevail by S.J. McGran @SJMcGran #Release @just_1morepage

prevail 81TlyzyK5qL._SL1500_

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Rico JonesI am an addict. I’m addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pussy. There has been only one drug that has ever made me feel this high, this invincible, and this… free. It’s a feeling I promised myself I’d never let myself feel again, but that was before she walked into my life.

She’s worth adding another addiction to my list, even at the expense of my heart.

Riley Andrews

I’m a cold-hearted bitch¬¬—at least that’s what I’ve been told over and over again by my ex-fiancé. The truth is I’m just a little scared, a lot lost, and broken beyond repair. I don’t have the option of breaking down though. People are counting on me to help them overcome their own pasts and fears. To save them.

But, when my past threatens to destroy me, and my future threatens to disappear I’m the one that needs to be saved.

Is it possible for one person to ruin you and save you at the same time?

This is the thrid and final book in the Triumph Series. It may be read as a standalone, however it makes for a more complete story if the prior two books are read first.

S.J. McGran is a new author with a penchant for writing, reading and reviewing romance novels.
She lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, cat and lots of siblings. She is a die hard Detroit Tigers fan, and has a love for ice cream and pizza. Vanquish is the debut novel by S.J. McGran and is now available.




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Moon Crossed Book One In the Crescent Hunter Series by Bella Roccaforte @BellaRoccaforte @Tantalizingblog

Claire O’Conlan is a hunter, her kind were created to protect humans from feral werewolves. She’s desperate to find a cure for the moon-touch. Until she does, the hunt won’t stop.

Despite being raised among supernatural creatures, Claire is determined to make college as normal as possible. But childhood habits die hard. She can’t seem to stay away from the wolf-borne, and worse, she’s falling in love with Cole Jackson, the big bad wolf.

Claire can’t resist the undeniable fire Cole ignites within her. They are falling headlong into a forbidden love affair. Hunter and wolf, a dangerous combination inciting war between factions, action from the council and the biggest risk of all, Claire fulfilling her duty and being the hunter that kills Cole.

Will Claire find the cure? Or will their love end in tragedy?


Bella Roccaforte
Bella’s motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live, life won’t come to you!

Bella has always seen things in the world with a different view and has been an avid story-teller. She is enjoying putting her crazy musings into print for others to enjoy.

To her, one of the most exciting parts of writing is getting a chance to interact with readers. It is truly her hope that readers will reach out and tell her what they like and even don’t like about her stories. She’s looking forward to a relationship with the readers to better write stories they will love.

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Bella is the author of the INK: Series and Paranormal Transmissions

Fueled Desire by Julie Morgan @juliemorganbook

Title: Fueled Desire
Author: Julie Morgan
Photo Credit: Jenn Le Blanc
Cover Design: Stella Price
Cover Reveal Date: March 1, 2015
Anticipated Release Date: March 31, 2015





A chance encounter around the world led her to him…

Abby Masters knew it was time to move on and start her life on her own. No one was in her way, no one could stop her. Leaving her past behind was the best way to move forward.

Deciding to travel around the world, the intent was to clear her mind, to find herself and to start over. What she didn’t expect, what she didn’t see coming, was Clive.

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Eden by Georgia Le Carre @GeorgiaLeCarre #Excerpt

Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with dumbbells over bla

 excerpt Image6

I go to him and climb into his lap. His hands come around me, the palms hot. I nuzzle him like a cat, my hand stroking his thick hair, straightening it. It is ruffled. He has been running his hands through it. He takes my shoes off and lets them drop with a thud on the floor. I sigh with pleasure when his big hands start massaging my foot.
‘I didn’t know where you were. If you had simply run away. I know so little about you.’ His voice is a deep, honeyed rumble. It has a song in it. I could listen to it all my life. But I won’t. I was fooling myself before.
‘I didn’t run away. I’m here.’
The hardness between his legs pushes into my hip. I look up into his eyes. There is only one word for what is in them: hunger. I have never seen such extreme desire, such ravenous craving. The air trembles with it. A voice inside my head cries, ‘What have you done? What have you done?’ I ignore it. My body loses its tiredness and responds to that yearning. My lips part, my nipples swell and pebble tightly, my sex opens like a night flower.
‘Would it be really horrible if we had sex right now?’ he murmurs.
‘Yes, that would be utterly, utterly horrible.’

eden book 2 teaser 1
He carries me to the bedroom and kicks the door open. The large chandelier is not lit. Instead only the narrow bronze lamps over the paintings on the walls are on, creating their own individual pools of yellow light, making the paint look thick and oily. I glance at the bed and my mouth opens with astonishment. I turn back to look at his face. ‘What the—?’
‘Indulge me,’ he says languidly.

eden book 2 teaser 2


Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.  When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.

Eden by Georgia Le Carre @GeorgiaLeCarre #spotlight

Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with dumbbells over bla


It wasn’t supposed to be like this- I came ready, determined, but nothing could have prepared me for Jake Eden.
Engulfed in his power, his lust and his primal need for me, I’ve become ever more helpless in his hands. I love the way he touches me, holds me, protects me. I feel alive in ways I cannot explain. I know I am giving my body to a criminal…week after week, but I can’t stop.
I’m addicted.
He has no idea.
It’s all wrong, but I’ll stay with my plan until I figure out a way around the conflict I’m facing…

I never knew that looks could blindside a man the way Lily Hart’s beauty did me. When our eyes collided that first time, the connection was instant, I knew, that she was like no other. She was something special, uniquely different.
But I’ve discovered since then that there is a secretive side to her, and now I fear deception stalks her eyes.
I know I must keep my distance, but she keeps persisting that I have her heart, so

Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.  When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.

Bittersweet Deception by Tara Oakes @Lil_Oakes

bittersweet cover

synopsis  image 12


This novella is intended for those 18+ of age and contains strong language, sexual content, and adult situations.

The Kingsmen M.C’s saga continues in this newest installment of Tara Oakes’ tantalizing new series. In the first three novella’s you’ve come to know and love the characters within the club. Jay and Lil’s have had their epic love story play out over the pages of “A Lil’ Less Broken”, followed by “A Lil’ Less Lost” and finally, “A Lil’ Less Hopeless”. While their fairytale is far from over, the next arc in the series concentrates on some of the other intriguing characters that have been woven throughout Jay and Lil’s storyline.

The question on everyone’s mind is…. WHO IS CHARLIE? And what is she hiding?

Planting herself deep within the club’s inner circle, Charlie came to Chisolm with one goal in mind… to destroy the Kingsmen, M.C., no matter the personal cost. An unknown hatred fuels her mission to take them down. Pairing herself up with one of the club’s bad boy’s, the M.C.’s enforcer, Clink, seemed like just the ticket to get her in the door.

Once inside the club she had been eyeing from afar, she comes to realizes things are very different from what she had imagined them to be. Villainizing the group as a whole for an injustice that was done to her many years earlier no longer seemed to fit with growing attachments and relationships she was forming.

And then there’s Clink. He may very well be the wild card thrown into the mix that derailed Charlie’s plans from the get go. Originally, serving as nothing but a way in to the club, and a body to warm her sheets at night, Clink has thrown Charlie for a loop. Determined from an early age to never need a man, Charlie can’t help but find herself drawn to him in a carnal and ethereal way. She’s tried to fight it, to deny it, but it was in vain. He calls her sugar… but, she’s anything but sweet.

A chance twist of luck placed Charlie right in the middle of club politics, where she was able to help free the club’s Vice President, Jay, from serving time for murder he did not commit, but willingly confessed to in Book 2. Her risk earned her the hard earned respect and admiration that is hard to come by in the world of the M.C.

Now that she finally has a place of her own in life, a place where she belongs and is wanted… is she willing to give it up? Give Him up? Willing to let it all slip through her fingers? Find out in Book 4 of Tara Oakes’ Kingsmen M.C. series, “Bitter Sweet Deception”

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Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She’s a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she’s not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.






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A Lil’ Less Broken

A Lil’ Less Lost

A Lil’ Less Hopeless

Bitter Sweet Deception

Baby V



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Too Close to See, Book 3 (A Southern Series Book 3) by Angela March @AngelaMarch3 #Review

  too close to see 7191Hs8aGtL._SL1500_

 review Image14 pola


Virginia Costello’s story continues. Well well well…I loved the first two books so of course this was an easy read, or so I thought. The title is a clue and Id like nothing more than to squeal but I cant. Anyways If you didnt read the first two, then go read them. For those that have then its no secret that things with Eli are continuing. Personally knowing the author and always thinking its about me, I ask “Was it necessary to torture me, Virginia, and my all time fave gay’s Ian and Jasper??”

I tried to move along from the angst and it was easy because in this book because of Jasper and Ian. Virginia equally annoyed me, made me cheer for her, and scream. all are good I suppose. With characters like these you just can not go wrong. I will also add that there is a lot of steam too. Aside from that, this book brings out a new element to the author’s writing. For me I saw a lot of comedy woven into the plot. With Ian and Jasper its almost impossible not to have a few I love Lucy moments. 

Lastly was Liezel. Good GOD this woman is a thorn pricking anyone she comes into contact with. The reveal here was explosive.

explosive (3)

The Liezel saga continues and we get the answers

omg i shit my pants

YES we do 

the-Winner-Is.001-001Boone always will be BOONE





Angela March has accomplished another “Life Goal” of writing a book series. Angela has always loved any and everything creative. She has taken all the aspects of the stories she likes to read, compiling them into her writing style. Add her own personal life experiences along with a dash of humor. Her *A Southern Series* (3 book series) were written loosely based off her life experiences thus far. Angela’s life motto is… You have one shot at life.. When my time is up I want to slide into home saying what a ride… what a wild ride.

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Too Close to See, Book 3 (A Southern Series Book 3) by Angela March @AngelaMarch3 #spotlight

  too close to see 7191Hs8aGtL._SL1500_



Too Close to See, Book 3: A Southern Series

Virginia Costello thought she had everything worked out in her life, until Trumann Devereux crossed her path. Tru’s take no for an answer personality, along with his carefree, non-beige lifestyle throws Virginia into a self-assessment of her life, questioning herself yet again. Virginia is trying to rehash her relationship with her ex, Eli Heley. Once the trust is gone, can you ever really trust someone again?

Virginia finds herself in a whirlwind of turbulence when South magazine, her only form of a stable foundation as an adult suddenly receives an offer she and her partner can’t refuse, and they decide to sell.

Jeremiah James Boonesfield aka, Boone, has also made a surprise reappearance. When Virginia’s best friend Jasper, thinks his partner Ian is having an affair, when actually he and Boone have become close friends, keeping Boone’s presence in Atlanta a secret.

Selling the magazine and the realization that Boone has never left Atlanta, this sends Virginia running into the arms of Trumann Devereux.

Will Virginia stop running and finally see the things that are too close to see? On the other hand, will she crash and burn with her choices? Virginia Costello is about to hit an emotional wall. This time she has to rely on herself to make the right decision, or face a life of being alone with her life choices.



Angela March has accomplished another “Life Goal” of writing a book series. Angela has always loved any and everything creative. She has taken all the aspects of the stories she likes to read, compiling them into her writing style. Add her own personal life experiences along with a dash of humor. Her *A Southern Series* (3 book series) were written loosely based off her life experiences thus far. Angela’s life motto is… You have one shot at life.. When my time is up I want to slide into home saying what a ride… what a wild ride.

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