Trophy Son A Novel by Douglas Brunt @DougBrunt ‏#Review



Interesting views from a Dad who js sort of a stage Dad. Having been a swimmer he transferred his “need to win” attitude onto his son. Making the transfer from his own sports love to his son was sort of expected. Can I say living through his son even though the sport is different its just the winning his Dad cares about. The dialogue that goes on internally is well written. Fans of sports books, tennis and parents of kids involved in D1 league programs will love it.

There is a twist in the plot that brings a very current and relevant issue to the front of the book. That is where I was overly interested. For me that is the issue that made the book!



Douglas Brunt


Douglas Brunt is an American novelist and entrepreneur. He was the CEO of Authentium, Inc., an Internet security company, which he sold in 2011.

‘Trophy Son’ is his third novel. He is the author of New York Times bestseller ‘Ghosts of Manhattan’ and ‘The Means’.




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