How I Rate & Review

3 stars3 .5 stars 4 stars 4 .5 stars 5 stars

 lots of steambig swoon

This is what you wont see here

1 Star Did not like or could not finish.  I wouldn’t post it.
2 Stars Didn’t like it so much I wouldn’t post it.

This is what you will see here:

3 Stars Books – Liked it! It was a good read.  Maybe I didn’t connect enough or something was missing in the writing style IN MY opinion.

4 Stars Loved it, it was great, full of swoon, drama or mystery. I loved the book and had a hard time putting it down even to sleep.

4.5 Stars Yup it was GREAT

5 Stars Excellent GO get this book it is a must read! This is a book I loved. It had a great story, characters and left an impression! I felt it and thought about it for days/weeks after. If I have a 5 star then I’m buying it and spreading some author love.

8 thoughts on “How I Rate & Review

  1. I love that you’ve laid out your rating system (which is very similar to mine). It makes it simple to follow. Thanks!

  2. WOW there were a few bad ones there. It is funny if you look at the books they review they rate all of them 1 or 2 stars. What is wrong with people. My condolences to the math wiz poor fool sat there computing things to give a 1 star review. Wasted time he will NEVER get back. What an ass!

  3. Renee, I found your review policy refreshing! And I absolutely love your comments on rude reviews. I am a new Indie author and am thrilled when readers tell me how much they enjoyed my story, but I have come across a few readers (thankfully a short list), that seemed to be looking for something my story didn’t have, and felt compelled to leave a bruising review … I appreciate you’re take on closed minds, too. Books aren’t written as a one-size-fits all. ~ Suzanne McKenna Link (author of Saving Toby)

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