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I love books and reading! I love my Kindle. I read romance, mysteries, chick lit, detective type stories and suspense. I devoured every Stuart Woods and James Patterson book there was. I like the way Stuart has Stone Barrington in continuation as well as the Michael Bennett series. They really could be stand alone books but start at the beginning and get the experience from the start.

I decided to start a blog that would support the authors and not be commercial. There were many times I read something because it was recommended or rated high, and in my opinion it was awful. So I write about books I love, and if I don’t at least like them, I won’t write about them. I have been lucky enough to meet great authors who will give me a book to review and that means the world to me. There are so many great ladies like Chelsea Camaron, Heather Huffman, Heather Thurmeier, Tracie Banister and Samantha Bailey who have become friends. They are such talented writers who appeal to a large audience. I found Chelsea Camaron and she has exceeded everything I knew in a genuine author existed! She has grace and class. Together we have learned so much about the indie world!

My favorite series authors are Paulina Simmons, Pamela Clare, Kristen Ashley, S C Stephens, and RL Mathewson. These indie authors care so much for fans and appreciate the feedback and positive tweets. If there is something you like tell them! The first time I tweeted Kendall Ryan (@kendallryan1) she answered me and I almost freaked! Authors that you admire and respect like Colleen Hoover and Abbi Glines. I loved KA Linde’s debut novels. She was working for four years on the Avoiding series. See what I mean about indie authors? They rock!

If I could pick my all time favorite book it would be Tully by Paulina Simmons. Now I have discovered so many authors that are fabulous and need someone to shout out their work!

No matter your mood, there’s a great book to suit it. Words to live by!!

Contact me- Renee@readingrenee.com


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love your detailed reviews. We have over 1,000 pus authors that’d definitely benefit from your blog. If you’re interested I’d love to invite you to join our blog community at bloggerdise.com


    Jesse Cohen

  2. Hello Renee,
    I just released the 3rd book of my 8 book series (Personal Justice). They are Action/Adventure – Suspense. I am giving books 1 & 2 away free on SWs this month. Book 3 will be free on Amazon Feb 1, 2 & 3. If you are interested or have the time to possibly review PJ1 please let me know.

  3. Thanks for the review of Adventures with Max and Louise. What a colorful, bright, interesting site. So kind of you to include me! — Best wishes, Ellyn Oaksmith

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