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Brothers before all others. No exceptions.

These men have no f*cks to give about anyone or anything outside of the Kings of Carnage MC. Welcome to rural Georgia where the laws to live by here are set by the Kings. Get in line or get out of the way, this is their world. Six steamy stories sure to push you over the edge. Gear up for an explosive new series from 6 bestselling Authors you love! Hilary Storm – Chaos coming April 2

Sapphire Knight – Bash coming April 16 @sapphireknight3

Chelsea Camaron – Jinx coming April 30

M.N. Forgy – North coming May 14 @MNForgyAuthor

Kim Jones – Bouncer coming May 28

Nicole James – Sly coming June 11

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Hilary Storm

Sapphire Knight

Chelsea Camaron

M.N. Forgy

Kim Jones

Nicole James

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Kings of Carnage #Cover #Reveal @chelseacamaron


Brothers before all others. No exceptions.

These men have no f*cks to give about anyone or anything outside of the Kings of Carnage MC. Welcome to rural Georgia where the laws to live by here are set by the Kings. Get in line or get out of the way, this is their world. Six steamy stories sure to push you over the edge. Gear up for an explosive new series from 6 bestselling Authors you love! Hilary Storm – Chaos coming April 2

Sapphire Knight – Bash coming April 16

Chelsea Camaron – Jinx coming April 30

M.N. Forgy – North coming May 14

Kim Jones – Bouncer coming May 28

Nicole James – Sly coming June 11

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📍Kings Of Carnage Page 

📍Make sure and stop by the other 6 amazing authors today to see their covers!

Hilary Storm

Sapphire Knight

Chelsea Camaron

M.N. Forgy

Kim Jones

Nicole James

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Real Liars by S.M. West @SMWestAuthor @givemebookspr #Release


Title: Real Liars
Author: S.M. West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 23, 2020
It’s a simple business deal until things get personal.
I’m one of Toronto’s most eligible bachelors and CEO of
Rothwell Enterprises. I wear success like a well-tailored suit, but that
doesn’t mean I’m not at the mercy of others.
My heavily guarded trust fund is all I need to take my
business to new heights. But to get my hands on that money, I have only two
options: wait till I’m forty or get married.
With my fortieth birthday still years away, getting married
is the best short-term option. And when a woman walks into my office with a
problem of her own, I see a golden opportunity for both of us to get what we
She needs a lawyer and I need a wife. My proposition? She
pretends to be my love interest and I’ll make her legal problem go away. It’s a
simple win-win situation.
If we play this right, nothing can go wrong…
At least, that’s what I thought.


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Author Bio
S.M. West writes
contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and whatever her heart desires. She’s
a self-professed junkie of many things and is always planning her next


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Broken Lies Series: The Regretful Lies Duet #1 by Gina Azzi @gina_azzi #ContemporaryRomance @givemebookspr


Title: Broken Lies
Series: The Regretful Lies Duet #1
Author: Gina Azzi

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 23, 2020


The most
dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves.
Zoe Clark
doesn’t stand a chance.
Hollywood’s favorite piece of man-candy, I’ve screwed hotter and blown off
listening to my new personal trainer shout commands while on location in the
Seychelles is its own kind of sweet torture.
Because her
wicked curves, smart mouth, and violet-streaked hair captivate me more than
they piss me off.
She makes
me feel again when I’m desperate to remain numb.
her is a mistake, confiding in her is my downfall.
Because all
her pretty words are lies laced with deceit.



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The only
person I can focus on is Eli Holt.
And the
incredible shade of his eyes.
The hard
line of his jaw.
slightest shadow of stubble grazing the planes of his face.
 “You ready for this, Zoe?” He breathes it out,
the sound of my name on his lips doing things, delicious things, to my insides.
And in this
moment, I know, just know everything is about to change.
 I’m going to take this job offer.
I’m going
to fly to wherever Hollywood is filming.
And I’m
going to lose a piece of myself to Eli Holt.
Coming Soon
Releasing April 2
Author Bio
Gina Azzi writes emotional and
captivating contemporary romance novels with heart-warming happily-ever-afters.
She is the author of The Regretful Lies Duet, The Kane Brothers Series, The
College Pact Series, Finding Love in Scotland Series, and Corner of Ocean and
Bay. All of her books can be read as stand-alones. 
A Jersey girl at
heart, Gina has spent her twenties traveling the world, living and working
abroad, before settling down in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three
children. She’s a voracious reader, daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves
meeting new people. Say hey to her on social media or through
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RULING THE PRINCESS by Christi Barth @christi_barth @inkslingerpr #Contemporary #Romance


Today we have the release blitz for RULING THE PRINCESS by Christi Barth! Check it out and grab your copy today!


Title: Ruling the Princess

Author: Christi Barth

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Ruling The Princess:

I’m thrilled that my first trip back to my homeland, after years in exile, is for an assignment from the prime minister. Even better, the job’s to put Princess Genevieve in her place…by cutting off her cash flow. Spoiled royals—even drop-dead gorgeous ones—don’t do anything to deserve their wealth and status. Hell, they don’t do anything. She’s fighting me tooth and nail, of course. The only way to stop her arguing is, well, to kiss her.

And I can’t seem to stay away from her. Now I see a whole different side to the princess—and not just because I’ve gotten her clothes off. But I was put on this assignment for a reason… Those outside the castle want to see the Princess discredited and push their own agenda, and I may have just given them all the ammunition they need.


Each book in the Unexpectedly Royal series is STANDALONE:

* The Princess Problem

* Ruling the Princess


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Exclusive Excerpt:

He didn’t want to agree with her.

He didn’t want to enjoy holding her.

It pissed him off. A lot.

When he stood in belly-deep water, Theo released her legs. But the princess didn’t take her hand from his neck. The length of her body lined up against his now. His erection notched between her legs, keeping her somewhat afloat.

No way to ignore it. For either of them.

Her eyes widened, latched on to his. Her lips parted, about to ask a question.

Theo didn’t want to hear it. Didn’t want to fight about whatever it was.

So he kissed her.

He started by licking off the drop of water that hung off her bottom lip. Half wondered if she’d bite him or bring her knee up to squash his balls. But at the first touch of his tongue, her lips parted even more.

Theo didn’t need to be told twice.

His teeth nipped at that juicy lower lip. Her whole body jolted against him. Angling his head to the side, Theo took her open mouth. From that first kiss, annoyance no longer drove him.

No, it was the sweetness of her response that lured him back for kiss after kiss. For the contrast of her water-cooled lips to the heat as they tangled tongues. He kept kissing her to draw out more of those quiet moans that hardened his dick to pure steel.

One leg curled around his hips. Theo plunged a hand into the water to grab her ass, lift it up. He miscalculated, and his hand went under her suit.


He palmed her ass, squeezing its tautness, marveling at the mind-blowing smoothness. Every time his hand kneaded her, she bucked her hips and arched against him.

One of her hands tunneled up into his hair. Her nails scraped his scalp lightly, sending tingles shooting down his spine. Her other hand yanked his shirt from his trousers. Handling the cling of wet clothes was never easy. Theo was thrilled with her tenacity when her skin finally stroked across his back.

And their lips, their tongues, never slowed down in caressing, in twisting, tasting, licks and bites that quickly became less practiced and more urgent.

The slap of the water against the tile broke through his concentration. Theo dragged his mouth down her throat for the thrill of feeling her pulse pound in triple time against his lips. “Princess—”

That light, pretty laughter cut him off. “I think, at this point, you should call me Genevieve.”

He knew she meant it as a gift, an honor.

A knee to the balls would’ve been easier. Because it was a reminder that he wasn’t here to kiss a beautiful woman senseless in the sunlight. He was at Alcarsa Palace to lay down the law to the princess.

This had been a mistake. A terrible mistake. He’d crossed enemy lines.

Theo pulled his hand out of her suit, took her shoulders, and pushed her gently away. “Apologies, Your Highness. I overstepped.”


About the Author:

ChristiBarth-amyjphoto-680x1024 (1)

USA TODAY bestseller Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance.

Christi can always be found either whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world.


Connect with Christi:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Newsletter

THE LOST LINK by Michelle Bryan @michellebry101 @inkslingerpr #paranormal #romance

THE LOST LINK by Michelle Bryan is out now! Check out the fantastic new paranormal romance and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: The Lost Link

Author: Michelle Bryan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About The Lost Link:


I die every night in my dreams.

Add to that the hallucinations of people I’ve never met and creatures that don’t exist, and you can see why I don’t let anyone in. People don’t take well to weirdos that can’t tell reality from illusion.

That all changed the day a dragon attacked. Yup, that’s right. A real-life, smoke-breathing dragon hunted me down in the middle of a school day. I only escaped because a Faerie forced me to jump through a fire portal into a realm of magic. Normal, right?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder, I met him. The Fae prince. Eyes of jade, ebony hair, and a smile that made my knees weak. Too bad he was my mortal enemy sent to finish what the dragon started.

Now, faced with parallel worlds, a daring escape plan, and an evil queen bent on taking over the universe, only one thing is for certain. I’m in way over my head.



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Exclusive Excerpt:

Unlike my early morning hallucination of him, Zorro appeared fully fleshed out this time. His dark hair was cropped tight to his head, with a hairline that dipped into a widow’s peak. His golden skin was bronzed darker across the planes of his face—high cheekbones chiseled by the gods, strong jaw, straight nose. Dark fringed eyes so emerald green it looked like he was wearing a pair of cheap colored contacts.

On his hip a long, broad sword hung, his hand lightly touching the red hilt, and his sleeves pushed up over forearms tanned and corded with muscle. His hands and arms were covered in markings, etched both with scars and tattoos. Beautiful as he was, he was forbidding and scary, and a chill encapsulated my whole body.

I found myself drawn back to those eyes. Luminous, mesmerizing and achingly beautiful, they drew me in like a moth to a flame. I think I even took a couple of steps closer before the jolt of electricity in my wrist brought me to my senses. My birthmark caught aflame and buzzed over my skin in response to his presence, no doubt. Every single nerve ending reacted, from my toes to the roots of my hair. Pulling me toward him like I was some old nail and he was giant magnet. What the hell was happening here?

My brain yelled at me to run, but did I listen? No. I took another step closer. I couldn’t help myself even though my gut was telling me this man equated danger. Just as dangerous as the beast I was running from.

Then Zorro grinned. A thousand-watt smile emphasized with deep dimples in both stubbled cheeks and I rooted in place like I’d just stepped in quicksand. I still wasn’t sure where ‘here’ was, but they had a hell of a dentistry service from the look of those teeth. Man coulda made a killing doing toothpaste commercials, for sure.

The hand holding the hilt of the massive sword relaxed its grip, and I breathed a little easier. Okay. He obviously didn’t consider me a threat. Good to know he wasn’t about to lop my head off. I lowered my fists as he crossed his arms and my gaze jumped from the tats to the broad chest and wide shoulders. My eyes dropped lower, down to the narrow waist emphasized by the sword sheath hanging low on his hips, and muscled thighs encased in tight pants. Denim? Leather? I wasn’t sure. What I did know was that he filled ‘em out damn fine.

“Hello, Bridjette. It’s good to see you too.”

His smooth voice glided over me with the softness of a silk sheet, and gave my goosebumps, goosebumps. The way he emphasized see, however, told me he was well aware of where my eyes were situated right now. Heat infused my cheeks and I yanked my gaze back to his amused face.

A million questions banged around my brain, but my tongue refused to utter a single one. It stayed stuck to the roof of my mouth as I swallowed a dozen times trying to unglue it. His eyes alit with green fire stared into mine, so intent a heated blush encompassed my entire body and my knees weakened. I swear I could feel the charisma oozing from his damn pores. Was he putting a spell on me or something? Finally, I managed to croak, “You can’t be real.” Closing my eyes, I released a pent-up breath, blowing the hair plastered to my forehead. “None of this is real, Jette. You need to find the closest pharmacy else the next article of clothing you’ll be rocking will be a straitjacket.”



About Michelle Bryan:

I wish I could say I’ve climbed Mt. Everest or ridden in a hot air balloon around the world, but alas I lead a very quiet life in Nova Scotia, Canada. The only adventures I go on are in my books. But what adventures they are!

When I’m not reading or writing I have a day (bill paying) job as a chocolate shop manager. So yes, I work with both books and chocolate! Living the dream.

The rest of my time is spent with my three favourite guys; my hubby, my son and my crazy fur baby. We are a family of geeks, fans of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, lovers of books and players of video games. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Connect with Michelle:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Mine by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli #RELEASE @GiveMeBooksPR @NatashaKnight13 @AZavarellibooks


Title: Mine
Series: Ties That Bind #1
Authors: Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: March 17, 2020
She was
never supposed to walk into my club.  
But she did.  
I shouldn’t have looked twice at her.  
But I did.  
The criminal underworld is no place for a girl like her.  
One night with Katerina isn’t enough, but men like me can’t afford to be
So, I tell her to leave me behind.  
She does, but not before she sees something she shouldn’t.  
When she goes into hiding, it’s my duty to hunt her down.  
I have a job to do, and she needs to disappear for good.  
But four years later, Kat isn’t alone anymore.  
And the little boy right beside her looks just like me.


Purchase Links
Coming Soon
Releasing April 21
Natasha Knight
USA Today
bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark,
tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she
likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like
A. Zavarelli
A. Zavarelli is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling
She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her
characters through hell. Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and
sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls
are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and
twisted documentaries in her spare time.
She currently lives in the Northwest with her lumberjack and an entire brood of
fur babies. 


A COVERT AFFAIR by Kennedy L. Mitchell @KLMBooks @inkslingerpr

A COVERT AFFAIR by Kennedy L. Mitchell has a new look and to celebrate, the book is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time only! Get your copy now before the price goes back up!


He wants her off his base . . . and in his bed.

The last thing Senior Officer Gabe Wilcox wants on his base is some CIA agent snooping around except when it turns out to be Agent Lucia Rizzo with her smart mouth, killer curves, and legs he can’t wait to have wrapped around his waist. She should be off limits . . . but then, Gabe didn’t become a Navy SEAL by backing down. He’ll help Lucia with her investigation—and show her his commands will be far more pleasurable behind closed doors.

She’s there to work . . . not fall for the rock-solid senior officer in charge.

Agent Lucia Rizzo has spent her entire career with a singular objective—become the very best the CIA has to offer. There’s just one last mission standing in her way: uncover a traitor within the SEALs and recruit the sexy-as-hell SEAL, Gabe Wilcox. From the moment she arrives on base, Gabe, with his cocky grin and cute as hell dimples, proves he’s the undeniable distraction she never saw coming.

As the investigation heats up, and truths become lies, Gabe and Lucia must work together to answer the only question that matters: When everyone’s lying, and lives are at stake, can they even trust each other?

A Covert Affair is a stand-alone military romantic suspense with a take-no-prisoners CIA Agent and the Navy SEAL who brings her to her knees.


Get A COVERT AFFAIR for just $0.99!




Kennedy lives in Dallas with her husband, son, and 80lb Goldendoodle who still believes he’s a lap dog. A bookworm at heart, Kennedy loves to snuggle up in bed or by the campfire with an unputdownable book. She began writing two years ago with Falling for the Chance and has no plans of stopping. Her novels are witty, action-packed, and offer enough steam for a great facial. If you like strong heroines and sexy, tattooed men who can’t keep their hands off them, then this author is the one for you.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | BookBub | Amazon | Newsletter

Dark Prince by Michelle Hercules @inkslingerpr


Today we have the trailer reveal for Michelle Hercules’ Dark Prince! Check out the trailer and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Dark Prince Blueblood Vampires copy

Title: Dark Prince

Author: Michelle Hercules

Release Date: April 3rd

COVER DESIGN: Michelle Hercules

PHOTOGRAPHER: Michelle Lancaster (@lanefotograf)

MODEL: Chase Mattson

About Dark Prince:

There are only two ways a human can cross the gates of Bloodstone Institute: as a familiar to one of the blueblood vampires who attend the elite school or as a snack.

I’m neither, but I have to get in at all costs. My brother made a big mistake, and now I have to fix it by stealing from the most powerful and cruel vampire to ever come to Bloodstone, Lucca Della Morte. If that wasn’t almost suicidal, I need to get it done before the spell concealing my human nature wears off.

But I forget that I’m only pretending to be a vampire. I’m still human and susceptible to Lucca’s dangerous allure. His darkness calls to my soul. His savagery makes my blood sing. I’m falling for the dark prince, craving him in a visceral way that’s frightening and exciting at the same time.

If he discovers my secret, he’ll destroy me. And yet, I can’t help wanting to get closer. I never thought I had a death wish until I met him.

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Exclusive Trailer Reveal:


Read the First Chapter Today!

Havoc. That’s the name of this club. Appropriate. It’s dark, loud, and brimming with humans more than ready to satiate my hunger. It took me a while to get used to the noise. Night entertainment sure as shit has changed since the last time I was awake.

My latest snack is passed out on the VIP couch, utterly spent. Feeding and fucking go hand in hand, but unlike the human currently snoring next to me, I’m far from satisfied. My strength has returned, and thanks to all the blood I’ve drunk already, I’m almost caught up on what I missed in the past ninety-five years. Blood remembers.

Opposite me, Saxon is busy getting it on with some random girl. Ronan and Manu have disappeared to I-don’t-know-where. So much for my reawakening party. That’s my inner circle in a nutshell—a bunch of assholes. Not that I’m any better.

I catch the attention of the nearest bouncer, signaling him to get rid of the passed out human. I’m ready for the next one.

Not a minute later, I find my new target. A pretty little thing in black leather is walking over, carrying one single shot on her tray. Slender yet curvy in all the right places, blonde hair cascading down her back, and full lips begging to be tasted, she’s exactly what I need.

Immediately, my fangs descend, and my cock hardens. I watch her approach, not hiding the hunger that’s surely shining in my eyes now. When she stops in front of me, I can hear how fast her heart is beating; I can smell her fear.


Most humans who come to these places aren’t afraid of us. They know exactly what we want, and they give it willingly in the hopes of being turned. Little do they know we no longer have that power.

“What’s your name, sugar?” I ask, not hiding the craving in my voice.

“Re-Rebecca.” She clutches the tray harder while tremors run through her body.

A lie. That’s not her name. I’m not surprised she wasn’t truthful. She’s not afraid; she’s gripped by terror, which makes her even more alluring to me. I’m a predator after all.

Not taking my eyes off her face, I run my fingers up her naked legs. “What do you have for me, Rebecca?”

She doesn’t answer for a couple of beats. In fact, she’s not even breathing. I suspect she might bolt out of here at any second.

“A special shot. On the house,” she finally replies.

My lips curl into a grin. I was wondering when Derek Blackwater, the owner of Havoc, would send me a welcome gift. He was the last human to be turned into a vampire, and thus, he’s almost as old as I. But that’s as far my knowledge of his dark past goes. The guy is a mystery.

“Is that so?” My hand disappears underneath her skirt, and when I squeeze her ass, she gasps.

“Yes,” she breathes out.

My pulse skyrockets. Damn it. It’s normal to be thirstier soon after an awakening, but my reaction to this human is stronger than I anticipated.

With shaking hands, she hands over the shot glass. I don’t know what kind of drink this is, but I’m past the point of caring. I throw my head back and drink it in one single gulp. Immediately, my head becomes fuzzy.

With a frown, I stare at the empty glass, seeing double. “What the hell?”

I sense someone yank on my necklace, a piece of jewelry I never take off. The fucking human is trying to steal from me. My movements are sluggish now, which means she laced my drink with vampire’s bane.


The necklace chain snaps at the same time that I manage to get over the poison’s effect. I’m fully recharged, thanks to my ninety-five-year nap, and thus, I’m less susceptible to vampire’s bane’s effects. The thief is about to take off, but I grab her wrist, digging my nails into her soft skin, drawing blood. A single whiff of her scent changes everything. My vision turns crimson, my eyes zero in on her neck, and my ears only hear the sound of her blood pumping in her veins.

The desire to sink my fangs into her soft skin is no longer about retribution. This is pure and raw bloodlust.

I jump from the couch, trapping the girl between my arms. She struggles, she screams, but no one will come to her aid.

Sudden pain shoots up the back of my head, clearing my vision for a second. The human is pulled from me by Saxon, and then Manu is blocking my way.

“What the hell, Lucca! I leave you alone for a moment, and that’s what you do?” Her golden eyes are glowing in the dark, showing how angry she’s with me.

“She poisoned me with vampire’s bane,” I grit out, trying to control the feral instinct that’s demanding I rip the human’s throat to shreds.

“Let me go!” She fights Saxon’s hold.

“Take it easy, sweet cheeks. You’re not going anywhere.”

I don’t dare to move. I’m not over the bloodlust yet. I haven’t succumbed to it since the worst evening of my life centuries ago. Why now?

“What’s this?” Saxon pulls an object from the girl’s grasp.

“My necklace,” I say. “Bitch came here to steal from me.”

Saxon lobs it in my direction, and then Manu whirls around, displaying her talon-like nails. Fuck. Now she wants a piece of the human too.

No. She’s mine.

“Who sent you here?” my sister asks the girl.

The thief doesn’t have a chance to reply. Ronan comes running, his face twisted in the deepest frown and his entire body exuding anger. He spares a fleeting glance at the puny human in Saxon’s grasp and then turns to me.

“We’ve got company,” he says. “Tatiana’s sycophants are here.”

Damn everything to hell. They had to show up now. I could simply kill the human with a single blow and be done with retaliation. But my body immediately rejects that idea. I can’t do it.

With regret, I turn to Saxon. “Forget her.”

His eyebrows furrow while he watches me as if I’d lost my mind. I’m not sure I haven’t. Releasing someone who poisoned me and tried to steal from me is not my MO, but my revenge will have to wait. I have an older debt to settle and a message to send.


About Michelle Hercules:

Michelle Hercules always knew creative arts were her calling but not in a million years did she think she would become an author. With a background in fashion design she thought she would follow that path. But one day, out of the blue, she had an idea for a book. One page turned into ten pages, ten pages turned into a hundred, and before she knew, her first novel, The Prophecy of Arcadia, was born.

Michelle Hercules resides in The Netherlands with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on the Legends of Gattica series.


Connect with Michelle:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Readers’ Group | Amazon Author Page | Bookbub

FORCED TO SIN by Brittani Mari #ReleaseDay @inkslingerpr @BrittaniMar1


Brittani Mari is joining us today with the release day blitz for FORCED TO SIN, her new dark romance! Check it out and be sure to get yours today!


Title: Forced to Sin

Author: Brittani Mari

Genre: Dark Romance


Clint Marino wasn’t the definition of a perfect catch. He was damaged, cruel…and carried the reputation of being many people’s worst nightmare. So how had he come into my life?


I was a job he needed to complete.

But somewhere along the way, things became disjointed, confused. I found myself holding onto him instead of running away.

Did that make me naïve? More than likely. But after learning his weakness, I wanted to fix it. Seeing the blatant pain he tried to hide, I had an overwhelming desire to help.

I soon became enthralled, addicted to his broken pieces, blind to the storm headed our way.

When it hit, its impact was devastating, leaving me gasping for air…


Order Your Copy Today:

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I had a shit day,” Valerie offered, holding the glass out to me.

She didn’t elaborate, and the curse word coming out of her mouth didn’t fit. It seemed forced, foreign.

I raised an eyebrow and motioned to my arm, trying to lighten the mood.

Tears filled her eyes. “I can see it would’ve been a lot worse if it wasn’t for you.”

I downed my glass, struggling to prevent the foreign emotions I felt. She was trying to break me with her tears. I needed her to stop, but she didn’t. I gritted my teeth, staring at her as she cracked in front of me.


“I thought I could do this, but I can’t,” she whispered more to herself than me. “Then you came along, Marino.” Her eyes lifted to mine. “You say few words, but I hear you loud and clear. You saved me twice, but I don’t understand what you want.”

I gripped the empty glass. Her words wouldn’t affect me. Wouldn’t dent the armor I wore proudly and effortlessly.

A young, innocent, timid girl wouldn’t break through my defenses. There was no way in hell.

She moved closer and touched my arm, assessing the damage. “We need to stitch you up. At least until you can get to a doctor.”

I closed my eyes. She was too close. I clenched my hand, fighting the urge.

“I’ll get the first aid kit.”

She turned to go the same moment I reached out and grasped her arm. I looked down at her, the closeness affecting her the same as it did me. Her response mattered much more than any woman previously.

She was broken, damaged just enough for my demons to ruin her if I got too close. I could protect her from the ones who wanted to kill her, but I couldn’t protect her from myself. I knew my worth. My struggles. My story was a classic, and Valerie wouldn’t be able to handle any of it if I decided to share my past. The first moment I held the gun in my hand. The kill igniting a flame. I became a demon, and no one was immune.

I clutched her arm tighter. She gasped as I pulled her against me. I leaned down just enough for our lips to touch. She moaned. That one sound pushed me over the edge, unleashing the desire I had for her since the beginning.

My obsession could be the end of me, but the second I tasted her, I didn’t care. Our tongues danced as we both let greediness overpower logic. My arm was no longer a concern as I lifted her to sit on the counter. I pulled back slightly nipping her neck, ear, eventually inhaling the lavender scent of her hair. She whispered words a man who deserved her would have loved to hear, but I wasn’t deserving, and hearing those words only made me realize how big of a mistake I was about to make.

Tainting her. Taking her.

It was almost as bad as a bullet slicing right through her, ending her life.

“I want love that leaves me breathless,” she whispered.

I gripped her hair tightly, staring deep into her hooded eyes. She trembled, and my dick instantly hardened. I yanked her body flush against mine.

“I’m not your fairy tale, princess, but I’ll gladly claim the title of your nightmare.”


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