Not a Chance, by S.C. Stephens

Not a Chance

Well another fabulous book by Miss Stephens!! I loved my summers in New Hampshire and Plymouth was a second home to me. I truly enjoyed the scenery as it was described. Mikayla works at the main bank in the town of Plymouth with her best friend Neil. Mikayla was just such a good person and that hurt me when she met Chance. I loved her best friend Neil and how they had each others back. Neil was gay and in a sort of secret relationship with Adrian who also lived in Plymouth. Poor Neil had his heart broken too. Neil was in a relationship with a to be discovered con man too. Neil doesn’t know why him and Adrian broke up either. A lot of really cute dialogue goes on when a friend Natalie, who also works at the bank is interested in Neil and she doesn’t know he is gay. Mikayla is teaching him how to ignore her advances. That was so funny!

The thing about Chance was that his identity and who he was, was never hidden. He told her straight out he was a con artist and he told her she made him want to stop. It was a very suspenseful book and I know Chance was a bad guy, a thief, and a liar but damn I wanted him to get straight! The fact that they really did love each other was so special I hoped he could be redeemed.


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