The Kiss After Midnight by Marvin Amazon @marvazon

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Found a fabulous author! Also found he has written a few pretty fab books too! I have read The Kiss after Midnight and I was blown away. When you find a thrilling suspense novel that rival the Patterson’s and Wood’s of the world you gotta shout it out!  This was one of those books. The only bad part if the cliffhanger. THEN I find out there is another book so this will be a series.

It is a VERY intricate plot with a few sub stories that will keep you guessing throughout the book. The handsome Tobias Mead is rich, and very charming. He is known in the NYC club scene as a player. The night he meets Penelope, everything in his life changes and within one night she is all that he sees. Their attraction is really intense and Tobias is shocked by the feelings he has for her right away. They share a passionate evening and then Penelope is found murdered. So many things flash in Tobias’ head and it sends him on the fight of his life. He is the last one to see her alive, so naturally he is a person if interest, the accused, the guilty one, and the police make that clear right away. It turns out that Penelope has a boyfriend who happens to be involved in some serious dealings. Antonio Cabrera is bad news and his family wants revenge. Central American drug cartels are forcing Tobias to run.

The entire book has you gasping and wondering what is going to happen next. Family loyalties are put to the test and so are many lives and friendships. Last week I did a question and answer that is amazing!!! Stay tuned.


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And….OMG look at the author… drool

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