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Out of the Shadow

The masked intruder took thirteen minutes to rape Becca Rosen. As he leaves he tells her he will be back. Stunned Becca wonders why her husband David failed to intervene even if he was not a very attentive spouse. She quickly finds him stabbed to death. She tells the police she was raped by someone who seemed familiar to her but not sure why. As there is no medical evidence of a rape, the cops, also knowing of her mental history, logically assume she made up a sexual assault as her alibi to cover her murdering her spouse.

Becca wants to move on, but someone, she believes her rapist, stalks her with immunity as the law discounts her complaints. At the same, Becca begins to suffer from horrible dreams and horrific flashbacks to a childhood of abuse. She wonders if the murder, rape and other intrusions by her attacker are tied to the recalling of her terrible youth. Desperate as she fears for her mental state as much as for her physical, Becca turns to psychologist Dr. Sarah Abrams to help her with what appears to be a repressed memory syndrome.

Out Of The Shadow is an exciting character driven thriller as no one seems to be who they claim they are. The suspense grips the reader from the moment the psychopath not only rapes Becca, but chillingly warns her he will be back, which he does in person and behind the scenes. Fans will wonder who he is and why he awakens Becca’s repressed childhood memories.

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