Ten Days of Perfect (November Blue, #1) by Andrea Randall @ARandallAuthor

Ten Days of Perfect (November Blue, #1)

I’m going to say if I can give more than 5 stars I would. I loved November, every single thing about her! I totally go for the love at first sight story, November “Ember” Harris and Bowan “Bo” Cavanaugh were so awesome together I gush, swoon, and have sweet dreams!! Besides the story filled with angst, there was quite a scandal and thrilling blackmail plot. I was so pleasantly surprised. You know when you read your type of book and whiz right through it. Sometimes I feel like it is a tell tale sign that the book is great, and then I think maybe it is insulting that they worked so hard I was too eager to finish. I was not eager, I swear it was great.

I adore when there are two best friends like November “Ember” and Monica. They are both kind, caring and honest. The way that they care about each other and tell each other every detail is just what I like. Ember grew up an only child inside a lifestyle of the 70’s. The first time she had a real school and apartment was in high school. Her parents are up front and honest. Jeez they tell everything. Made me laugh.  Even though Ember grew up in a very nontraditional way, she turned out traditional.

Bo Cavanaugh is just so swoon worthy!! When he enters the bar and they meet you can gather how he is, but you would be wrong. That was the first twist!

Adrian Turner, Ember’s ex, was involved after years of being out of the picture.

Believe me this is a ride you want to take. Nothing but great things to report in this one.

There is a bar, a musician, a secret, a long relationship and lots of friends! Swoon worthy men 5* I highly recommended it!



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