Death Will Attend (Caching Out Series #2) by Morgan Talbot @MorganCTalbot @RAPublishing

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Three months after catching a killer, Margarita escapes to a historic hotel with Drew and Bindi for a Valentine’s weekend of geocaching. But during the love-themed costume ball, the CEO of a satellite navigation company keels over—and then his body vanishes.

As the weekend progresses, Margarita discovers threatening messages in the logbooks of local geocaches. Her attempts to unmask the blackmailer are thwarted by the last person she would have expected.

With a stubborn sheriff on the case, Margarita and Bindi must take matters into their own hands. But whether they’re chasing one killer or two, they have a problem: all their suspects seem to have solid alibis.

Between misunderstandings, outright lies, old secrets, and more than one corpse, it’s not Love in the air anymore. It’s Death.


Well this was a new sort of book for me. I really enjoyed book 1 and this one was just as good!  It was a surprising genre that really had it’s appeal. So in a techie sort of way they take you through this intricate way of  finding clues and treasure hunting. So cool! The main character Margarita was so smart and very likable. She doesn’t think this accident happened the way everyone says it did. Margarita and her BFF Bindi set out to uncover the mystery. Bindi has a “super snout” and is smell sensitive, that is just about the funniest super power! While they set out to investigate on their own it is not an easy as they thought. One by one the suspects have alibis. The blackmailing and suspects are bad enough but now the body is missing. I can’t say anymore about the plot, no spoilers, but it was good!

The story was unique as was the characters. I would totally recommend this book! I liked the mystery, the characters and the suspense.

blog 4 star

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