Dealing With It (Two Short Stories)by Christina Channelle @channellewrites @LiteraryQuill

Book Description

Publication Date: March 29, 2013
One girl goes through the five stages of grief after the loss of a loved one while another deals with her emotions after a traumatic event.(Author’s Note: These two short stories combined are approximately 5000 words in length.)

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Just on a personal note. These covers I posted here are some of the best. I think they are very professional and they really attract the eye. I have a great blogger who writes about books simply judged by the cover. These get an A+ for beauty!

Dahlia (Blood Crave Series)
by Christina Channelle
Genre: Young-adult fiction
Print Length: 320 pages
Publisher: Christina Channelle; 1 edition (Dec 21 2012)

What would you do if your dreams were more than just dreams? When you knew in the depths of your soul that you were unlike the rest?

For seventeen-year-old Dahlia Winters, this is her truth. Her coping mechanism is to simply forget and deny the strangeness that is her life. Orphaned, her past remains a mystery. Now residing with a foster family, she finally feels normal–or attempts to. Yet, dreams continue to torment her. Not only consumed by visions of miraculously healing wounds, but of a lust for something she should never naturally crave.

Then a green-eyed stranger enters her life echoing her inner thoughts and voicing warnings about others wanting to harm her. He knows things about her that no one should possibly know, and he awakens her in ways she never expected.

This leads Dahlia to discover who she really is, for she is more than just human. With this newfound knowledge, and the elements suddenly fighting against her, she finds it hard to trust anyone. And as she finally awakens and comes to grips with the power she possesses, she fights to stay alive.Before the world, as she knows it, ceases to exist.

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