The Only Exception by Magan Vernon @maganvernon @Giselleco


“I’m not flirting, Mr. Chapman, I’m trying to work on an assignment.” I put the pen down on the table and then pushed it off. “Whoopsies,” I said with a small grin.

I slowly got up, circling to the other side of the chair. Then I dipped down low, with my butt raised in the air and picked up the pen, slowly inching back up and throwing my hair back. I shot a grin in Trey’s direction. He was squirming in his seat. Some politician-in-training he was.

Our relationship had slowly been progressing, and when I was with him it became easier to push out the past. As long as we stayed away from his fraternity and the Kappa girls. Instead of seeing them we’d spend nights on the couch watching movies or kissing. He never pushed me to go any farther, but the more time I spent with Trey the more I fell for him.

“I guess I need to keep my hands steady,” I said in a low voice. “Maybe I should just check some reference books out over there behind that big book case.” I pointed over to the stack of reference books behind us and nodded in their direction.

Slowly, I walked over, swaying my body ever so slightly and hoped he would get the hint and follow. Once I was at the other side of the bookshelf, I pressed my back along the books and waited. It was only a few seconds before I heard Trey’s slow, methodical steps approaching the shelf. I pulled the collar of his shirt as soon as I saw his feet, dragging him behind the shelf until he was flush against me.

“Do you suppose we could just absorb these reference books by osmosis, Miss Remy?” he said, putting his hands on either side of my waist.

“I just needed a little study break,” I whispered, running a finger down the buttons of his shirt.

“But, Miss Remy, we have barely started,” he said, teasing me and letting his lips hover just above mine.

“Mr. Chapman, I’m just trying to make the study process go a little smoother. This book case that keeps us hidden from the rest of the library should help,” I said with a coy smile and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

“Miss Remy, I wouldn’t want to start anything to affect your studies.” He ran his hand along the low collar of my shirt so delicately slow it made my whole body tremble. “Especially when you’re wearing such a nice outfit.”

I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed against him, kissing him hard. He moved his hands to my lower back, running his fingers up and down my spine. Slowly, I moved my hands from his neck and down to his shirt, unbuttoning each button. I wasn’t planning on having sex in the library, or sex at all for that matter, but I didn’t want the button marks that I usually had all over me from his shirts.

Once I got the last button undone I pulled him back to me. The material of his undershirt was so thin I could feel every ripple of his abs on my stomach. He really was a fine specimen of a man. His lips trailed down my neck and to my collarbone. I moaned softly when he nibbled at the sensitive skin above my chest.

He pulled his lips back up to my ear and whispered, “This is a library, Miss Remy.”

I bit my lip. “Sorry, Mr. Chapman, it won’t happen again.”

He nipped at my ear lobe and then licked the same spot. “But I love it when it does.”

I gasped and then buried my face in his, trying to keep quiet but it was hard when my entire body was aching for him. It had been too long since I’d been with anyone. I hadn’t wanted to, but with Trey, it was all I wanted. He was all I wanted. I hadn’t had any flashbacks since the party and I thought I would possibly be ready to move on with my life.

“Trey Chapman, you make me crazy,” I whispered.

“And you love it,” he said placing a quick kiss where my neck met my shoulder and I squirmed, trying not to squeal.

“And I know how to make you crazy.” I pulled his lips to mine, acting like I was going to kiss him and then nibbled at his bottom lip, slowly and tenderly.

His eyes rolled back into his head, and I could feel him harden beneath his pants. Two could play at the teasing game. I let go of his lip, placing a soft kiss where my teeth had been.

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Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.
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