Nothing More, Nothing Less by Ashley Dukart @ashleydukart1

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This book reminded me a lot of Shattered Soul by Jennifer Snyder. I liked it and even though the main character is a … dare I say loser? I liked him. I think his circumstances spoke for his outlook on life, bleak, dim, dark, nothing! Brandon is a twenty year old who is addicted to drugs. Brandon has issues and you feel really bad for him, even find him likable  He drinks, does drugs and has a lot of sex. His older brother, Ace, twenty-seven, is tough with him while his younger brother, Cole tries to be more mellow. It seems like he has this inner demon and although his brothers want to help they keep going about things the wrong way. He sneaks out, they get him and drag him home. He gets high, they get him and drag him home. They go to sleep, he sneaks out!
Aside from the brothers pulling for him to be good and ride the straight and narrow, here comes Bret.  If Bret is not around to drag him back to the demon side there is Vince. Vince lives in a something like “animal house” and has nothing to do but drag guys down and entice them. When Bret and Vince get Brandon to try heroin I was screaming! Every time you think “not in my house” believe me it is very common.
Brandon has been an addict for a long time and there is a part about his Mother that you have to read. I am not giving it away, but it explains his ways. Kristine comes in and maybe she is the ONE to get him back? Can she save him? Can he be redeemed? Mostly, I will say it is a shocking scene, some tough subject matter, but it has to read. I think this is a great first book from someone who I know will have many more.
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Ashley Dukart


First off, my name is Ashley Dukart. I was born in Texas and began to write at an early age. Writing, however, is not my only passion. I love to read, draw, paint, and among other things spend time with my family and pets. My long term goal is to become a veterinarian, but writing was such a part of me I had to pursue it as well. Nothing More, Nothing Less is my first published novel and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I currently live in Texas with my family and I am continuing to write for my own enjoyment and hopefully for yours’, the readers’, as well.

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