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Teenage twins James and Samantha Blake are caught up in a seemingly random terrorist bombing while on a school trip. Many of their friends are killed. When the twins wake up in hospital, their lives have changed forever.


The first book in the Class Heroes series.

 Read the first two chapters online, or download the PDF on the author web page. Check the link below.

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This book made me think I should read some fun stuff. I took the adventure with twins James and Samantha Blake. This was more of a teen y/a book. Even though it was still good. There wasn’t a difference in the wording or anything either. It was very engaging.

Basically the twins are on a bus when an explosion happens. Class Heroes is so far, a two book series, but easily can expand. The adventures of these two and Lolly can be a huge hit. What I would like to see is some marketing and maybe some involvement withe the website:  24/7 Interactive News  

The entire read is packed with adventures and mysteries. From the bus accident to the hospital stay it has you really involved. You are caught thinking who is hiding, who put a GPS tracer on someone and was the accident just that? an accident. Although from the start the accident and losing class mates does sound a little rough, and it is, but nothing too bad.

I am very happy to enjoy more and follow the Blake family! So readers and bloggers get on this one it may be the key to getting your teens to read this summer. **reminder it is a Y/A book


In this second book in the Class Heroes series, James and Sam’s courage and powers are put to the test as they come up against the ghost of their long-dead aunt. Why is she haunting Witches Wood?


Who is Sir Michael Rosewood, and what is his interest in the twins?

Available to buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Stephen Henning


I began writing the first Class Heroes book on my laptop in February 2011, but these stories have probably been continually playing in my head since I was aged five or six, when I would act them out with toys and with my friends. I then branched out into using pencils, colouring pens and paper, moving on to writing pads and then my first computer.

 So, as you’ve probably gathered, I have always enjoyed making up stories and the super-hero genre has been one of my favourites.

The CV-type stuff is that I went to Sheffield Hallam University to study English. I then trained and briefly worked as a journalist in Salford. After that, I moved into publishing – which was great. An interesting and fun industry to be in and fascinating to see how books are put together and sold.

After that I started doing technical writing, which led me to start my own business with my friend and colleague Andrew Butters. My love of writing, generally, led me back to writing fiction. Our company, Elucidox Ltd, publishes the Class Heroes books.

 If you want to know a bit more about me, what kind of super powers I have and the kind of super villains I have to tangle with on a daily basis, then feel free to watch Rage. This is a short film, that took a long time to make. It’s a simple day in my life :-). Actually it’s just a fun movie that I made with the very kind help of some of my best mates. We had a laugh doing it, hope you like it too. And if you do, then why not explore the super world of the Class Heroes books?

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