Sin at Sea (Sinful Novellas) by Emma Nichols #debut #review @EmmasErotica #giveaway

To celebrate my review and a great debut I am giving a few copies away.

As always if I like it I want to MAKE you like it too.


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Sin at Sea (A Sinful Novella, #1)
by Emma Nichols 

When Alysin grabbed supper and went to see her boyfriend at work her world came crashing down. She finds Kyle with his secretary. Don’t go bashing with the cliche thing, cause it is I know. What does she do? She is a runner, plain and simple it gets hot she scrams from the kitchen! Within minutes of a phone call to BFF Jolie, Alysin is on her way. Being they both work via sat, they have no reason to stay in any one spot. It is sort of sad that they can pick up, but they have a life like that.


They decide on a cruise. They get to a hotel and forge a plan. Here we go girls, this is what I liked. The fact that they could take picture, work via a laptop and had a plan. When their situation and how they got to this very place is explained it is logical and believeable. The fact that you dont have a huge pill to swallow is great. They are not over the top millionaire ladies who flaunt or boast about material things or cash flow. I think that is refreshing nowadays where the fantasy part is just so overdone sometimes, well too much of the time.

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The other thing I liked was their friendship. Jolie and Aly share a lot. I really want to go into it, but nah you MUST read it.


I loved the fact that is was what I would call naughty chick lit. The scenes where great and there was a lot of them. It was not overdone and nothing about any red room of pain. I cant really take the overuse of that either. Aly makes no secret to Jolie about how she never had a great sex life with Kyle. That was realistic too. I really want to share my quotes, but the ones I need to share give away plot lines and I really cant do that.

When they get on the cruise ship she meets Mr. Bedroom Eyes. As the promo states “The cruise promises to be memorable in every way that matters.”


I loved the debark scenes. Why not stop and shop.

YES I totally loved it and although it was a novella, and I knew that, I wanted more. When you have the absolute perfect blend of  fun, friendship, reality and romance, you want more. It was a small serving and I want to make the next one super sized.  


To celebrate my review and a great debut I am giving a few copies away.

As always if I like it I want to MAKE you like it too.



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