A Night to Forget by Jessica Wood @jesswoodauthor #review

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A Night To Forget is released just in time for a beach read. I really liked the book, the scenes and the characters. As for Emma and Brandon, they were great! I cant wait to get to the next book. I would love to see it all wrapped up. I am not a fan of series or trilogies that come out too far apart. I cant stand waiting.

If you are a beach read, romance lover this is for you. It has a well thought out plot and believable characters. You will think “This can happen”a few times. Emma and her friends going to Cancun for spring break sets the plot going and it is a good start. Brandon is delicious and juicy.  


What I was not a fan of was that it was a little short (kindle pages 130) and I have to wait for book 2. That is not a bad thing, I guess it builds up the buzz but…it seems to be a growing trend. Either way a GREAT debut! 

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