Chances and Choices (Choices #1) by Helen Karol @HelenKarolwrite #spotlight

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After three years in New York carving out her career niche, and a tempestuous romance behind her, Claire Fitzpatrick can hardly wait to get back to L.A. to her new job as senior feature writer at Choices L.A., but most of all to the security and comfort of her best friend Julian West.  To her, he’s the nice guy she can turn to for advice and comfort – the uncomplicated friend she can count on.  Only he no longer feels that way.

For months before she went to New York, he fooled her, playing the platonic friend when in fact he wants nothing more than to take her as his lover – and more, much more.  But he can’t do that – he can’t let those emotions overtake him – not again.  But on her first night home he blows his cover. And suddenly Claire sees him in a whole new light.

 “The most romantic book I have ever read.” (ibooks)  5 STARS

Get ready for fun. Oh my this is great “(Goodreads Renee – reading Renee) 5 STARS

Karol is an artist painting a sexy picture.  Bravo!” (Goodreads Jerome)  5 STARS

This book is very romantic from beginning to end! I love their trials and tribulations

 they go through to get to the end result of how much they truly love one another.”

(Goodreads, Leta)  5 STARS

The relationship between Claire and Julian is captivating, I found myself evaluating my own relationships against it.

(Amazon Verified Purchaser, Lexy)  5 STARS



About The Author

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Writing is Helen Karol’s great love and she finally decided to stop talking about it and made time to devote to it.  Chances and Choices is her debut novel. She is a Canadian, currently living in England.  As an international teacher of language, literature, media and film, she was thrilled to discover a variety of cultures and countries.  Before teaching, she was a photographer in the Canadian Air Force – until motherhood made basic training seem like a vacation!  A mother and a very,very young grandmother she treasures time with her family.  When not writing she can be found watching fitness videos while eating cream cakes – one of these days she really will start joining in.  Honest!

A Note from Helen

I write stories I love to read. My students will tell you I am cynical but the fact is – scratch a cynic and you find a romantic!  So I really am a romantic at heart and write and devour romance of any kind.   So naturally I write romantic love stories.  I love strong yet nice guy, tender heroes –the bad boy has never really grabbed me – well okay maybe once or twice but I never let him hold on for that long! 

I have been lucky to write about and teach media and film for years and so I l am a big fan of romantic comedy, as well as crime and supernatural films and television.  I particularly love the ones with a great enduring love story where they are friends as well like Hart of Dixie, Vampire Diaries and Bones.

 Julian and Claire’s love story is a combination of these – enduring friendship, romance, a subtle alpha male, a strong female, a bad boy and girl we love to hate, along with cast of characters and a dollop of tongue in cheek humour here and there.  The other characters will have their own love stories in the series but we still follow all the other couples.  

Oh and I also love magazines, fashion and the world of film and television so that is where the action is set.  Most of all it is about the joy of love, deep enduring relationships and not being afraid to embrace emotions good and bad.

Helen Karol  xx

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