Never Think by Vara Schuler @Vara_Writes #debut #spotlight


Never Think is now officially available from Amazon.  It’s available in either the print or ebook formats.

Book Description

Val Wilson hates celebrities. Being raised in Hollywood by the Legendary Caroline Carter will have that effect on a person. When Val’s mother carries on the tradition of causing yet another drunken scene to celebrate her birthday, her best friend Daisy decides she needs a night out. Val reluctantly agrees to go but unbeknownst to her, she’s just stumbled into the very same bar as the current Hollywood It Boy, Bobby Patrick.

Val’s friends keep her in the dark about Bobby’s identity and an unexpected night of fun with a hint of humiliation ensues. Bobby is determined to break through the obvious wall she’s put up, no matter how much sass she throws at him. Once her most sacred secret is exposed Val can’t deny her feelings any longer and a passionate, undeniably core-quaking love consumes them.

Their new relationship becomes vulnerable as Caroline sets their demise in her sights but Bobby helps Val understand she will never have the relationship with her mother she’s always yearned for and more importantly she doesn’t deserve the drunken, heartbreaking mental abuse she’s dealt with since a child. Will Bobby’s love be enough for Val to finally stand up to her Mother?

Can Val accept that when it comes to what’s in your heart, you should NEVER THINK?

Meet the Author Vara Shuler


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