Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon #review

The book has a lot of great elements combined to create a real page turner. It is a crime novel with a strong character base. The main character is Shyla Ericson, whom I adore. She is a cop in Los Angeles on the biggest high profile case of her career. The author gives you a very descriptive background on her that includes a rough upbringing. I will say that there is a lot of violence and that is what shapes her in a good way. She is not bitter and evil, like you would imagine someone who went through her trials. 

Then Brennan Miles. This is the one that got me and had me pulled in. I liked the MILD paranormal part of his character. I dont know if it is safe to say how he comes in or what role Victor has. I  will be quiet. Then Victor Champlain he is the head of  head of the Los Angeles base and lead on the drug deal.  

 The supporting cast as well as the 3 big major role players blend really well.  I think my detective lovers will gobble this up. What I liked about Shyla was the fact that she was tough and a woman.  As for the plot, it is up and down in a way that you are not so completely ready to throw the book. 

4  star blog  book

About the author:


Michelle Bellon currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four children. She

earned her Associates degree in Nursing and fills her free time with her love for writing. She has

published four novels, winning the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the YA category this

last fall.




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