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Never Think is now officially available from Amazon.  It’s available in either the print or ebook formats.

Book Review

Val Wilson hates celebrities! When she is introduced there are snippets of the real aspects. By real, I mean tangible aspects of Hollywood. The reasons Val’s Mom Caroline is legendary. She has a drinking problem, she speaks outs, and she has reason to act crazy.  Caroline Carter went through a huge ordeal  that eventually comes out. Now I won’t say it justifies her actions, but it does clarify why she is the way she is.

Val’s is going to celebrate her birthday with her  best friend Daisy. I really liked the Daisy character. The most important characteristic of Daisy was friendship. Since Val was 6 Daisy was by her side, more like a sister. Daisy’s Mom Annie was the Nanny/Housekeeper with the biggest heart. All of the reveals concerning them were great. Daisy and Val have lived together for a while. Daisy has an attitude about men that is, well thinking like a man. She doesn’t get attached, she has fun until she is done, then moves on. Daisy you are awesome! I really can’t wait for you to read what happens with Daisy.


Back to the story line. Val has Daisy and a twin set of guys  (Paul and Adam) They are all very close, for many reasons and the base is always friendship. Adam decides on a night out, let us celebrate and liquor Val up. Always there for Val and they worry she will go into a downward spiral. They were a really important part of the sub-plot. They have some quick and snappy dialogue that was a high light for me.


 Bobby has a best friend in Sean.  Bobby is the Hollywood It Boy. The funny part in the first few chapters about the beginning of their night is Val no knowing who Bobby is. She doesn’t buy into the whole Hollywood scene, so meeting him doesn’t mean a thing. That was SO important to the story. Val was not star struck, in awe, or drooling, she was just Val. Her friends dont fess up either, but that is what makes the bond strong. They always shield her, because of her upbringing.

When the small reveals happen, Val takes them on. She dives into work at her “self funded” animal shelter. She does so much with animals out of love and really really enjoys her job.

The plot is delicious! This has a romance, a deep family issue and I know my romantic suspense readers will love it. This is also a debut. For me, when I read something so good as a debut, I thinking there is so much more to come. Now readers, come and embrace Val, Daisy Adam and Bobby!

 Will Bobby’s love be enough for Val to finally stand up to her Mother?

Can Val accept that when it comes to what’s in your heart, you should NEVER THINK?


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