Bad Girls by Deborah Doucette @DJDouce #review



Rebecca Griffin is the main character in the book. It starts out with the background of her family. Granted if you never grew up with this type of family it is hard to relate to. I don’t think someone from Texas would relate to them as easily as I did. I don’t know if Rebecca’s mom would be indeared either. My Mother is still the exact same way, some say harsh. Still has plastic runners over the carpet, makes gravy on Sunday and is on an all out war with someone every day. That being said I did totally relate to her. As I grew up I understood the term “bad girls”, others like “she became pregnant/got in trouble”, “went away”for going to jail, and being called a “tomato”because you were easy.


Things take a turn when Rebecca learns of a few things, one being her husband is having an affair. Now Rebecca has issues with Dana her daughter. I sort of needed a little more Dana. Rebecca was a little over the top with Dana and worries sometime lead to you asking a question of yourself. Do you think you can change her? stop her? love her any more or less? It was a good mother/daughter battle. Sometimes the internal battle and self punishment can be worse than actually acting on what you think.

I enjoyed the book and thought that the mystery aspect had it appeal. I think if you look past the cover and read it you will enjoy it too. When I say that, I mean the cover doesn’t depict anything, certainly not a story like this. It is not mysterious in a time frame the book is referencing.

How my old house on Chester Avenue in Brooklyn that is cool.




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Meet the author:


Deborah Doucette


I began writing professionally after my son was born – a later-in-life surprise baby. A wonderful blessing, and one that helped to galvanize me to reflect on where I was in my career and what I really wanted to do. I knew that answer was, write! Soon, I was writing articles for local newspapers and looking for other opportunities. Then another life-altering event occurred when my granddaughter was born which spun me around and sent me in another direction focusing on grandparents raising their grandchildren and subsequently writing my first book, RAISING OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN now undergoing a revision to return as, ROOM IN THE HEART, with a new life! My novel, BAD GIRLS, (which I sometimes describe as a cross between Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and Moonstruck), will be released in July 2013. I’m currently working on a new novel

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