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I want to make it known that all books I list here are from ME. If I like a book and want to share it, I do it from my heart. That being said, the only reviews I will post are really good books that I personally have read and want others to enjoy. So if I spend my hard earned money to give you a book, then it was a good book.

If you DON”T want the book, then don’t enter to win a copy and cash it in for Amazon credit. This has caused me to again think of another way to show support to authors I love. When you do that it is a “return” and Amazon deducts from the author, not me.

Want to

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Enter to win


So I proudly offer a set of author signed JB McGee THIS series. I also have the key chains, post cards, book markers and bracelets. PLEASE try to win some of them and give a Like her and thee to show support for a wonderfully talented and gifted author, who I now call friend!  (so maybe she don’t call me friend, but I amuse myself and dream)



This is my biggest giveaway ever! I have a new Ashley Satchel Coach bag (valued at $225.00) and tons of books, swag and Kindle copies 


coach ashley mahogany mnu1SXrELmRTXVYE1e9xj9Q


seize me

5d53a-jbgiveaway2first kiss collage mugyou and tequila newcover

sin at sea FINAL cover 17985733f8e52-inevitable17914340 254a6-maycoverhouse2

untouchable 13244578  FIRST-KISS-Official-Book-Cover-640x1024    71Niwx+svYL._SL1500_

020wg    A young couple kissing


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