Moody not Broody by Kathryn Player @funnyiswrite #spotlight


Emma is a newly-wed looking forward to some blissful years with her new husband, Mike, but everyone else expects her to have children. Emma is a teacher and so, in everyone’s mind, she MUST want children. 

However, Emma has never wanted children and has to convince her husband, her family and her friends that she’s not cut out for motherhood. 

Instead, Emma wishes to pursue her teaching career and help children with Special Educational Needs, but her plans are thwarted and she has to make a decision which will affect her and her husband, Mike, forever.

Meet the Author


I’m an English teacher who is currently on a career break, having decided to be a full-time Mum to my twin daughters.

I finished ‘Moody not Broody’ two years ago and it’s been sitting in my computer file gathering word.doc dust. However, with an urgent need to earn some money, I decided to self publish ‘Moody not Broody’ and get it ‘out there’ for people to read.

Currently, I’m working on my second novel, ‘The Bridal Prophet’.



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