Beyond Repair by Chelsea Camaron (Daddys Girls series) @chelseacamaron #review


I loved this series. The first book was just the beginning. The second Salvaged was so emotionally charged. I felt it for weeks after I was done. Full Throttle was a little edgy and more dram than the others. Now I get Beyond Repair and this was the steamiest work that Chelsea Camaron has produced. I know I read and devour all of her books. So The ending of the last left us thinking about Harrison (Harry) it left an awkward pause. Now that being said, I knew the next was going to feature my Harry. BINGO here he is. Harry’s entire past comes out with the hauntings and all. So he is not running away as much as starting over.

When things ended with Tiffany it was dished out sort of one sided. I will say when she shows up in this book it didn’t take long for me to see redemption. I knew her acting the way she did was not her, the real Tiffany. I have had all these characters in my head for all these books and I know them. Therefore I saw redemption and Tiffany hooking up. It was a feeling that I had from Full Throttle, I sort of knew that this Southern Belle was not evil.

It was very deep when Harrison was involved with Sophia. I know for a fact the surface was for display, and there was a lot underneath on both parts. A big reveal there too. I totally got Sophia and why she never wanted to get involved with anyone. My heart broke for her after the reveal too. Not going to say a word other than unexpected!


What happens between these two people is deep. This is her most erotic work ever. I will swoon over Harry for many months to come.The best part and I am NOT sorry if it is a spoiler but there are piercings involved. YEP not only Harry, but Tiffany too. Scream a four letter word with me! I was blown away by this one!



I know you will all totally gobble this up and I am thrilled to call Chelsea a sister and friend. So please support her and read the books, all of them! When you do post a review and if you tweet me the review I will do something special for you!

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