A Suitcase Mystery by Ned Stevens #spotlight

 During World War II, Bendicks (Ben) Kalninsh, a child, would explore the tunnel of an abandoned mine with the hopes of finding a gun. He persistence pays off when he observes three soldiers, one an officer, carrying in some heavy cases and returning without them. Entering the tunnel to begin his search, Ben sets into motion actions that will haunt him later in life.
Now Ben has moved to Forks, MN with his family and has become a boxer with a promising future. Then his father and a neighbor are brutally murdered and it begins to look as if the incident in the tunnel is the focal point.
Soon the FBI and several other interested parties are on the trail. Why is everyone after the diary? What is happening with the FBI? Men are being transferred. Pressure being placed to either slow down or stop the investigation. Then, several of the investigators are threatened with blackmail, using evidence that was manufactured. Now the big questions are – why? Who is next? Who can be trusted?
 A SUITCASE MYSTERY, is a rather unique read that needs to be experienced. Try it out yourself and see what everyone is talking about. Debby at SingleTitles.com
Steven Nedelton, Author
Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Noir

Dangerous Trade
A Suitecase Mystery I & II
Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman
The Raven Affair

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