Double Play by Nikki Duvall @nwromance #spotlight




Oklahoma playboy J.D. Shaw’s major league contract with the New York Federals comes with the requirement that he trade up from his regular menu of loose women and booze to a settled life with a wife and kids. Plagued with a shoulder injury and intent on revenge, J.D.’s willing to do just about anything for one shot at the majors.


So J.D. convinces party girl Catrina Hiett to pose as his fiancé, and starts making plans to buy the ranch where he was born from the man who killed his father. But Catrina’s set on spending every last dime J.D. gets from the Federals before he sends her home and old flame Halee McCarthy has reappeared with an abandoned child and a new job that keeps her dangerously close by, rekindling the fire J.D.’s tried to forget. When Halee’s new child is threatened by thugs, J.D. ‘s protective instincts kick in and set him on a path that could end his major league career and leave his dreams of revenge unrealized.



I began writing books when I was in first grade and my teacher, Rita Thrasher, recognized my gift early on. In fact, she pulled me out of class and gave me the time and space to write all the books I wanted to write. Her motive was to keep me interested in school work that didn’t challenge me. But that early recognition of my talent and my passion to write left a lasting impression. Later, when I handed in my final exam in an English literature college course, my professor looked at me and said, “Someday we’ll be reading you.” I wonder if that professor knew what a boost that was to a young woman struggling between the choice of a mainstream occupation and to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. My life has been filled with personal struggle beside so many other strong women who can say the same. We seem to always rise above. My writing allows me to capture the spirit of strong women and share that undying determination with my readers so they can be inspired to deal with life’s challenges with grit and fortitude. That’s my joy- that I might influence my readers to be all they can be, follow the example of the strong female characters in my novels, and live the life of their dreams.


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