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If you did not read book 1 and 2 WHAT is wrong with you? I fell in love with Jordan and Ani in book 1. Then came Sebastian WOW!! So the story there was mind-blowing and not at all your typical break up. This is the third and NOT final (happy to say) book in the Boston Harbor Romance Series. Now Jordan Winthrop is back in Book III of The Boston Harbor Romance Series with his own love story. Ginger is still here waiting for an entire year to either sink or swim. She is very stubborn, like Ani and generally want to win on her own. She is so strong sometimes independent but always full of spice. She has the best phrases from down home.

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I liked Jordan in book one because he was a fighter. He knew how he felt for Ani, but he also always knew that she was never really all his. There was always something broken that he couldn’t ever replace. The author created a character with Jordan who has just the right amount of bitter and not too much resentment. He was well-balanced and a pleasure to read.

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Some of the humor about Ginger was not lost on me. She is teased throughout the book for her pearls. The best parts of their steamy scenes was her lingerie. If she was crisp, ironed and pretty she was wearing a thong and garter belt  under her starched skirt. I absolutely loved it!

Again the author does a great job of creating a strong bond of family. Throughout the series there is that bond. The animosity between Jordan and Sebastian comes front and center at several points bringing the angst level up to high. Now when the angst really heats up is between Ani and Ginger. Another great obstacle has been hanging over Ginger’s head, her ex is going to be released. She is at a corner in her life that was going to happen but now the date is looming and she is in panic mode.

Now in the middle again is Sawyer and Bobby. I will say hotter than ever! She is my all time favorite character. Her huge giving ways tend to cause trouble, this book shows just how much trouble she can cause. You will enjoy a few throw down fights, some more tequila from Remmi and steamy scenes.

The newest trying dilemma is the Raffi situation. She is becoming more like Ani and her teens are going to be a big trying time. I really loved the way that Ani and Jordan are so supportive. The writing was superb. I tried to go slow and enjoy it but how could I? I wanted more of Sawyer, Ani, Sebastian and Jordan. The family bond grows with all of them including the Hector’s. Maria and Ginger are planning a future and I cant wait to find out what their ventures will mean to them all.


Just some of my favorite quotes:

“Your eyes give everything away, Mississippi, and your blush is the cherry on top of the cake.” Jordan

“Yeah, but I don’t count. I’m a bi-sexual girl with pink hair and tattoos. I clearly have questionable morals and trampy taste in clothes,” Sawyer laughed, glancing down at her crochet dress and purple suede fringe boots. Sawyer (I LOVE her)

“I’ll have to spread the word that he’s only dining on Mississippi catfish these days…” Jackson

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“Ginger wraps herself around me like she’s trying to find a way inside. When she looks at me I see her whole heart staring back.” Jordan

PLEASE please read the series, support a great author and you wont be disappointed. Warning: This book contains smoldering hot sex scenes between a gorgeous pediatric neurosurgeon and a sassy southern girl from the Mississippi Delta, plenty of humor, a little heartbreak and the happily ever after for Jordan that all his fans have been waiting for!

Is Ariel Ellman great? yes

A kick ass writer YES

Most of all she is the cover QUEEN!!

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