Totaled by Stacey Grice #Review @SGrice_Author

First of all I loved the book! The blogging world sometimes makes me laugh that so many people attempt to become an author. They dont have any background and they just claim to have a dream of writing. I will say a lot of them fail. Far too many think they can conquer the Indie published author world. This author does! She totally nailed it! The writing, language and characters are awesome. There were many examples of little details that were spoken and then repeated in the story. For example Drew labels himself the “Grilled Cheese Master” and later on in the book he mentions his self proclaimed title. Sometimes the little things mean a lot to me.

For the characters of Bree and her twin Liam, I was over the moon in love. Their Dad Pat, the owner of the gym was equally important.He gave life experience, a sense of family, and love. So his long time friend Mick calls him going on about this kid he wants to send to Florida to train at his gym. The way that Drew is sort of found by Mick is classic. He is someone who believe in giving back, so finding Drew broken down on the highway and taking him home is totally in his character. When they begin talking Mick tells him that he saw smoke from the car and was following him knowing he would stop. How sweet! Drew quickly learns a lot about Mick and begins to feel loyalty, family values and love. Drew had a bad childhood and an abusive father so it is hard to trust. I wont give away anything about his past as it is tied up throughout the story.

Now the book goes alternating POV between Bree and Drew. It is short so I appreciated the fact that I didnt lose myself going between the two. There are a lot of interesting characters such as Sue, Bree’s best friend. She is a riot so when the story turns serious she definitely lightens things up. One of Sue’s mentions becomes a fave for me…here goes:

“Who said anything about a boyfriend? I’d just like to get naked and sweaty with him. I heard he’s hung like a mountain yak, too.” So I ask can you read that and NOT laugh until you pee? Her dialogue is one to be treasured so please read it slow and absorb her!

OMG Oh_my_goooood_zps071a88d9

Without going on and on it is a must read! If you love romance, deep stories, meaningful characters with values, then grab it!


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I am a mother to a beautiful five year old daughter and a wife to my best friend. Being a labor and delivery nurse three nights a week pays the bills but I have recently decided to take my hobby of writing to the next level.  Living in Florida where I was born and raised allows me to hear the waves and stick my toes in the sand whenever I want, which is vital to my emotional well-being. Completely and absolutely obsessed with good music, the lifeline to my creativity, I cannot and will not write without it. Some things that I appreciate are honesty but not cruelty, an unapologetic sense of humor, being able to make any situation fun, often dancing like no one is watching, and a good cup of coffee with enough creamer to make it blonde.

Being an astute people watcher with a judgmental mind gives me constant inspiration for my stories. My characters, like many authors, are conceived from a hodgepodge of actual people in my life, unique personality traits, real world encounters, and conversations that I have directly taken part in. Totaled is my debut novel with many more to come.





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