The Plan by Qwen Salsbury @EnnBocci @QwenSalsbury #review


Day of Review 1

Day since I completed mission: 1 
 Days I will dream of Mr. Canon: infinity 
This book was a great blend of intelligent humor, office shenanigans and love. Emma Baker cracks me up. I totally embraced her character from page one. She never spoke to Mr Canon but was in love with him from their first encounter
As for the brilliant plot:
There is an office pool with bets placed on the new Canon PA and how long they last. She has a manager friend Rebecca who eventually convinces her to just fill in a day or two, then he has a business trip. So Rebecca offers a raise and begs until Emma agrees.
personal assist
She knows his work, his schedule, his likes and is basically the perfect PA.

The office is complete with Madeline and Bert who live and die by the office pool. As for Emma she is a gem! Her room mate and savior Clara is almost as funny. She is the girl who prepares everything, is nosy, loves you to death, and your best friend. The characters were easy to like. The book flowed well, and I had an ARC, so I know the complete package is going to blow people away.
pineapple 2
Mr. Cannon was so different. He said little when he spoke. He had no times for games. He was all about work. He was told(**wink) that he needs to eat pineapples! Best part of the book! Does Emma reach the goal? Emma has a plan, but even with her military covert operation planned to the nearest second, does it work? I say read it now and you wont regret it. It is loaded with juicy scenes, office humor, a main character you will love, and Mr Canon!

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