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4 1/2 glowing stars I really loved this book! I thought for a debut it was strong and solid in the character and story lines. When you first meet the main characters as young girls you sort of get where the  Sarah character is going. She shows signs of being unstable from the get go. What sort of got me was the synopsis, it gives too much away.

I loved Jeremy and how he was introduced into the plot. He is an attorney who is focused on his career, which is nice. He wants to date Mattie, is attracted to her but gets word she just isnt interested. So Jeremy thinks and then takes action. Loved it! He was sure about himself here but not totally cocky about it, so I think that is where I loved Jeremy.

What you get here is a book that I would call a psychological thriller masked as a Chick Lit – New Adult romance. The story was VERY well planned. The characters were really deep, showing a long friendship since childhood. Starting out with two girls who are above all the most loyal to each other showing that a guy cant get in between them. So when Jeremy pursues Mattie is where you see the psycho Sarah start to come out. Enough about the plot, believe me there are a few reveals that will have you gasping out loud!

Read it fast and furious like I did. It is NOT at all a chick lit or romance novel it is much much more

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Meet MK Harkins
I have always been a voracious reader. After hitting a dry spell of reading material, I decided to write the kind of book I would like to read. This resulted in the creation of my debut novel, Intentional.
I am currently working on a sequel based on the life of one of Intentional’s supporting characters.
When I’m not writing novels, I enjoy traveling the world, rain, watching movies and reading (!)
I also run my own business in my current hometown of Mercer Island, Washington.
You can contact me at:

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