Lost Dreams by Jude Ouvrard #Review @JudeOuvrard @AuthorJude_O


Book: Lost Dreams

Author: Jude Ouvrard

Genre: Military Contemporary Romance / New Adult

Cover Designer: K23 Design


If you love romance then grab this. If you love military drama then grab this. If you love a great story with love and friendships then grab it. Basically it is great so just read it now. The story of Avery and Carter is written extremely well. I found it to move at a perfect rate to deliver the angst and a punch to the gut that left me feeling it for days. Carter his best friend and fellow Special Forces mate leave together. When Remy and Carter leave, Avery is just lost. It forces her to reflect too much at times. That is where the author grabs you.

There is a special friend, Megan that is brought in at the right time. She is sort of intimidated by Avery and finally, after a few attempts meets Avery. She tells her that Carter asked her to visit with her and keep her company while he is deployed. Avery if soon best friends with Megan. Megan living on the base too knows what it is like to have her husband away. She has a child, Juliet, and it brings up a conversation about Carter and Avery with children that warms you.


It is a VERY emotional read. I mean when Carter leaves only 2 days after his wedding you know you are in for a ride. When Carter is killed in combat, it is the ultimate ride. The writing, style and fluidity is what makes a best selling novel.i loved you yesterday

The story is a must read for sure!



Here are a few of my kindle hi-lights 

I tried to be the strong one, but today hurt every bone, muscle and brain cell in my body. Without her by my side, life was painful.Read more at location 226
I no longer had the strength to live my life normally. It had been three days and I was a lost soul.Read more at location 281

When I looked at her that night, she was everything I had ever wanted. I had vowed to be with her until death do us part and I wished I would never have to be away from her again.Read more at location 828



Jude was born and raised in a small village named Lacolle. She now lives in Montreal, Canada. She is the proud mother of a beautiful five year old son, Isaac and has spent the last twelve years with her boyfriend, Cedric.

French is her native language, but she prefers to write in her second language, English. She has a passion for books, both reading and writing them.

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To learn more about Jude Ouvrard, here are her links:

Website/blog: www.judeouvrard.com

Twitter: @JudeOuvrard @AuthorJude_O 



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