Leverage (The Mistaken #2) by Nancy S. Thompson @NancySThompson #Review

Bigger, badder and darker than book 1. I was on edge literally until the last page
I will have to start by telling you this was dark. The kind of dark that I love to read! For Tyler and the Russian Mafia, Bratva I give 2 thumbs up! I really enjoyed that. I think maybe a little more because I am Italian and I guess I just want another ethnic group to take the pain away. Personal opinion there. 
This book started with Connor so I was happy. Connor has ups and downs like any college kid who has been battling his parents divorce. I think I liked him because he seemed just as fragile as I wanted him to. When you think he has lived through a divorce and his fathers cheating to get to the point where he is coping. The other part I loved was where Conner doesn’t know about Tyler. He knows surface things. He does at some point question them (you know how did you and my mom hook up? and where is your family? what is this mob you speak in hushed voices about?) . That part for me was explosive. He thinks of Tyler as the stereotypical bad Step-Dad but he doesnt know how awesome Tyler is. When he finds out a few little parts of the relationship between Tyler and his mom he changes his attitude a little bit. 
Now we have Hannah and Tyler married, expecting a child and seemingly happy. It dont last long! What a roller coaster. Like I said before it is dark. There is a section that had me screaming!   Enter Grigory Dmitriev. Yikes The author created someone who is a loan shark and evil, but NO WAIT he is Chernov’s heir. That makes him just as evil! Evil enough to create a stunning plot to hurt Tyler. OK the author created a stunning plot that used this evil character to infiltrate Tyler’s home and life. The way the entire plot is set up was phenomenal. I dont know how it was done, but the end product was rocking my little world. 
The other honorable mention was Roman the next door neighbor. I liked him. He made Hannah cafe and soothed her after a loud squabble with Tyler. I heard his story and was moved. Then he turned ….well…spoiler ….he was evil too. I was taken by that one big time!
There are characters from book 1 that come back. I loved how Tyler had connections in the FBI that help him again. They are all equally as good as in book 1. It added to the scenery to have them on Tyler’s team.
If you love thrillers with romance then please grab this one. 
Nancy is a California transplant currently living in Seattle, Washington with her husband of 23 years, their son, a student at Seattle University, their giant snow dog, Jack, and his kitty, Skye. She works as a freelance editor for her publisher and writer friends and also has her own interior design business within the model home merchandising industry. When she’s not writing or editing, Nancy keeps herself busy by cooking and baking.

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