The Good Life by Genevieve Dewey @GenevieveDewey #Review


I loved all 3 books. The fact that they were stuffed into one was a huge bonus. Any book that takes me two days to read is another bonus. If you have read Gen`s other books this one has a totally different style. It’s still Dewey-fabulous too but this had humor and a witty side . I’m in love with Dom and Kate! Not to mention the families. There is a lot to talk about with them. So in a word zany! This is like I love Lucy meets the Brady bunch meets a Janet Evanovich novel (It rivals her for sure)

If you grab this you get all of the novels together so GRAB it. The story of Dom Valentini is one that makes you smile. Seriously he is one lucky guy in the family department. He is divorced and now closer to where he grew up. His best friend growing up was Kate. They got into the usual trouble kids get into. Now they had a banter between them that worked. Sometimes you read about people “secretly” in love, well this is NOT one of them. They both dated other people and remained friends. When there seems to be a little something between them you find out that thinking about each other, yes they though he/she was good looking, smart ,fun, yada yada.

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Dom’s family and Kate’s family are close, as are the siblings, they know things that are nutsy about each other. Kate’s sisters are hilarious! They each deserve a book. There is too much to say about them. They love, laugh and play detective for each other. Kate’s brother Kyle is best friends with Dom and his sister Demetria aka Demi. The four of them make this book. I LOVED them. I will say Demi and her natural products had me laughing. One particular scene where they realize there is something there between Demi and Kyle and Kate tells her she sells bongs and he arrests those who use then. I was cracking up.
damn lolThis offers a new style of writing for this author. I have read all of her other books and by far this is the best. It has romance, funny situations and lots of steam. I am so thrilled and proud to call Genevieve Dewey a friend and I get to boast about her work. What a fab read especially if you need a beach read. This is for


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Genevieve lives in Nebraska with her husband and three children. She has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and a passion for reading, writing, and research. Her favorite subjects are organized crime, anthropology, and Chicago where her family is from (she still hasn’t quite forgiven them for leaving). Her books include:


The Downey Trilogy


Please feel free to connect with Gen online:

Twitter: @GenevieveDewey



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