Irreparably Broken (Irreparable, #1) by K.J. Bell @authorkjbell #Review


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This is a love/have review. I loved the friendship of Tori and Olivia. That is what started off great for me. As with a debut in the INDIE world yes there are little errors here and there. Who cares? Most of the time there is a few little things you see but roll over it. I did see a few reviews where people wrote things that didnt make sense. So HERE goes …………………….

I think if you love NA, romance, angst and a good plot this is for you. It is a meaty book – more than 400 pages- and I loved it all! So writing a bad review for this book on Amazon, blows my mind. Seriously people? It makes me look at their others and I laughed one gave Garbiel’s Inferno 1 star, please people you make me sad for your ignorance is laughable. Then the next is a Kristen Ashley with a 1 star now I am gonna wet my pants! Now move on certainly we all have better things to do.

It was a VERY slow buildup. I will admit I wanted to through the kindle halfway through. Jake cheated and broke Tori’s heart. The entire story of those two was like shocking! No spoilers here except to say Jake is a sad sorry excuse for someone breathing air.

Brady being Liv’s oldest brother was there for her. This didnt last. The tornado that follows is Vanessa, Brady’s girlfriend and then the secrets. GOOD Lord and all that is holy there are secrets. Trust me!secrets here

There was a bright light throughout the entire book, the real star, guess who it was?? TUG aka Aiden Hunter. The nic name is adorable cuase he used to tug on their shirts. I guess Im glad he didnt have another annoying habit like drool, spit, pick or well I can go on but you get it. What is there to love about Tug? Well everything. The on going joke between Tug and Tori was “I would rahter” so Tug says “Go out with me” he says this all the time, then Tori says “I would rather lick maggots off of cow dung” This was the type of friendship that went on between the two of them.

Poor Tori didnt know what was going on BUT she did always trust Brady. When she would be doubting herself I was almost talking myself into not going postal. What would I get except a stomped on Kindle Fire and no way to finish this book.

The next thing I loved was Olivia. She was the BFFAA of Tori. Now most of the time the best friend is the total opposite in the outgoing and sexual department. With Olivia, this is not the case. Olivia is a great friend. She is persistent, loving, kind, caring, sharing and talkative. She is asking questions before one is even answered. I appreciated the author’s way of writing and developing this character. We have all seen far too many friends who are tramps while the other is a virgin and shies away from life. This was written especially believable for me.
Just a snip of a text message chain that had me laughing:

Livinator: 8:24 PM ur not my BFFAA anymore!
Livinator: 8:25 PM I take it back. Luv u. call me!!!
Livinator: 8:33 PM WTH!…did u guys elope? LMFAO
Livinator: 8:35 PM Seriously…if u got hitched w/o me I will kill u!!! I laugh out loud.
Livinator: 8:46 PM Grrrr!!! Where r u?
Harrison: 8:52 PM Pls call me. Worried, cuz ur w/Brady.
Huh? Why is he worried I’m with Brady?
Livinator: 9:05 PM should I call cops? LOL.
Livinator: 9:12 PM If ur getting laid,
Read more at location 1542
The last 20% totally blows your mind. The buildup was slow until about 50% when the plots slowly gathers steam, gains momentum and starts sewing up the lose ends. Now it is a must read series. I cant wait for more about Olivia and Tori they are one dynamic duo.


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Seriously?? She is stunningKJ Bell 6994530

K J Bell currently lives in California with her husband and three children. As a mother of three, when she’s not writing, she’s usually carting one of her children to their various activities.

She enjoys reading, and music, and is equally addicted to both.

Writing is a passion she simply can’t live without.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on various social media sites



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