Tug (Irreparable #3) by K.J. Bell @authorkjbell #Review

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If you have not read Irreparably Broken (Book 1) or Irreversible Damage (book 2) then you  have not only missed out on two great novels but Tug will not be nearly as good. I loved the first two book in this series. They are continual stories, so unless you understand the Aiden (aka Tug) character’s past, this wont make as much sense. 

Tug has always loved Tori, teased Tori and been like a brother to her. He is complicated in that his family, which is from books 1 and 2, have started him on his road to being a little bit of a bed hopping slut. So if you know Tug then you get where he is coming from. Yes he hops from girl to girl but the reason is he has not found anyone who compares to his sister and Tori. So Tug is a complex character just as much as his family. The aftermath of his mother’s secrets and suicide have effected him in a bad way. The author does this character so much justice in writing him the way she did. She created a business man, who has taken over for his brother/cousin and he does his job well. Only problems keep piling up for him. No it isnt good for a billion dollar company that is publicly traded to have a CEO who is on the Hollywood scene.

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So Tug has to hit rock bottom or get a slap in the face.

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This was a fantastic book! I loved the growth relating to Tug. He has matured and is semi-reckless. That sounds sort of bad, but he is sort of bad. Deliciously bad!

There is so much more in this novel for Brady, Tori and Liv. For Tori, well she has exceeded my dreams. For one her character is great and she is the most loving and forgiving. I appreciated that her story was one where you hold your breath a few times and then smile. A huge reveal for Harrison and maybe some love for Tug???hhhmm MUST READ


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K J Bell currently lives in California with her husband and three children. As a mother of three, when she’s not writing, she’s usually carting one of her children to their various activities.

She enjoys reading, and music, and is equally addicted to both.

Writing is a passion she simply can’t live without.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on various social media sites

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BUY Irreparably Broken (Irreparable Book 1)

BUY Irreversible Damage (Irreparable Book 2)


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