A Debt Paid by Joslyn Black @Author_J_Black #Release

A Debt Paid
by: Joslyn Black
Publish Date: August 7, 2014
Published by: Joslyn Black
Edited by: Book Peddlers Editing

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Anya has a snake of a father in deep with the mob. Calix Uncle is head of the mob. Calix has wanted Anya for years but all she does is blow him off. So a deal is struck where the debt is paid for Anya’s hand in marriage. But it’s not as simple as that when another deal is struck and someone is betrayed they my just lose their lives over this.
So tell me do the ends always justify the means?

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I love romance books of all shapes, sizes and genres, so much that I was inspired to write. I’ve always loved to write, little poems here and there. Maybe a short story or two but I was always to scared to show my writing; critics can be tough. Well I finally put my big girl panties on and self published. I think there is nothing harder in the world than to create something and put it out for others to build up or tear down.

My writing is based off what I like. I would never publish a book I wouldn’t read or enjoy myself. I am a very quirky unique person, there is not enough room for me to get into all my personalities. Yes I said ties not ty, I have lived in six different states and too many cities, towns and villages to name. Partially because my mom never liked to settle and because my soon to be ex-husband was a Marine. He was deployed twice, Iraq in 2003 when it all went down and Afghanistan a year later. I don’t think I slept the whole time he was gone. I have four wonderful spoiled brats. My oldest nearly 15 and my youngest just 5. I am of a mixed heritage. My mother was born and raised in Mexico and my father is second generation born in the US from Sicily.

My extended family is a little more than 120 people; at least that was how many was at the reunion a few years ago. So yes being Italian/Mexican and coming from a big family where you have to talk over everyone else to be heard; I have an extremely loud mouth and love big families. I am religious but tend to stay clear of that topic, religion and politics are two subjects where people are too easily offended. I’m a big talker and end to babble. I love talking to everyone and anyone about books so hit me up anytime.

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A Note From Joslyn Black: **please post for the readers to see!

I am currently sequestered to my house for health reasons and love to chat with readers and other authors. I love feedback as long as we keep it pg13 and not nc17. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a crier especially with these damn meds they have me on. I’m currently trying to review a couple of books but my vision blurs after just a few pages.

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