The Lake House Secret by Debra Burroughs @DebraBurroughs #review #giveaway

I am a big Debra Burroughs fan. When I read Three Days in Seattle (buy it here) I knew I stumbled on to something really good. This book has the romantic suspense theme that I love. I am also one of the stars. I am Aunt Renee! Yup that is me. I am so happy I won that contest  Anyways enough of my babbling.  

The story starts out creating the love I had for Jenessa. She has a bad day, she gets the lay off speech at work, goes home to see a 3 day eviction notice and then hears her Dad has had a heart attack and he didn’t make it. Sorting through this mess is going to take time. So I get invested in her character and I feel sorry for her, but I admire her strength. She hops in her old beat up Toyota and drives to Hidden Valley. When she gets there you are introduced to Aunt Renee (ME) and her sister Sara and Ramey her best friend. It is here that all the secrets come out. There is a huge murder investigation, a lie, a betrayal and a BIG family secret.  

On the way there poor Jenessa gets stopped by the police. It is something that happens to her often. She may have a lead foot!


Enter Mike

Gosh he is cute, smart, and has shown great improvement since high school.

 The lovable Aunt Renee (me) gets the word there is a report job and recommends Jenessa. Lucky for her she gets the job. Being she has a parent to mourn, a job to do, and about $5 in her pocket, she needs to get together and move on. It is a  Jenessa Jones is immediately pulled into the human remains story. Juicy and interesting. She has a flair for getting a detective on her side. I loved her and George together. Not a spoiler, but she does have a way with getting him on her side to spill a secret or three.   

Now enter Logan. He is the one who got away. Well I dont know if that is accurate anyway. I hated him and then loved him. The author does a great job of adding one mystery and one secret at a time. Seriously a page turner. This town is chock full of drama.

Obviously I loved Jenessa, she was all that! Funny, pretty, smart and sneaky! I liked how there were secrets being spread out through the Hidden Valley chapters. I also liked how she second guessed who was the killer. There is a chapter where you even think it may be her best friend. A very good plot that moves along at a steady pace. 


The biggest reveal was about Logan the boyfriend who stole her heart. His part is a steamy must read for sure! The characters are all lovable in a way that you know they will be in the next book. I hope it is a long series. Long live Aunt Renee! Did I mention that was me? I’m a star! 


Debra Burroughs writes with intensity and power. Her characters are rich and the stories are full of compelling suspense and real romance. She can be found, most days, sitting in front of her computer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, dreaming up and writing about strong women, their relationships with men (good and bad), involved in exciting, mysterious, and romantic situations.

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