Over The Yahoola by Johnee Cherry @JohneeCherry

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For fans of mystery novels especially cozy mystery novels this is great. Johnee Cherry created a great read! Lilly Corn is a character! I loved her from the beginning. She has so many things going on in her like. She is first a mom then a blueberry farmer and a waitress. She also takes care of her Dad. Her Dad is a hoot. He is suffering from a few ailments and is comical. So he decides for Lilly he is going to advertise for help with the blueberry farm and Hudson answers the ad. oooh baby

As for the other characters there is her son, Travis and her ex husband Kirk. Kirk is a loser, greasy used car salesman. It seems he is running numbers, being sneaky, and not a really good parent. I loved the way Lilly managed all of these characters. The Yahoola is a bridge that basically is referred to over and over as a landmark.

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The Hudson story is fascinating. He is there for a reason, while I wont say what it is, he makes it appear that he is prospecting gold. What he is actually doing is using the most technology that is around to find gold.


I really enjoyed this plot. There is a really good character base and story. The best part for me was the history and the nosy people in town. I enjoy when a book is modern and yet still has some old charm to it. I thing it will appeal to the mystery and cozy mystery lovers.

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I live in Texas with an old dog and my imagination. I garden and pull a lot of weeds. For Sunday afternoon fun, I hand feed my pet tortoise, Little Miss Prissy, tomatoes on the front porch. I spend a lot of time traveling dirt roads, and not necessarily to fun places, since the closest grocery store is too hell and back. I never forget my ice chest when I leave home, and always come back with a full tank of gas and a loaf of bread. I write about the people in my head. My characters often travel with me, telling stories in my ear, and I do find a new one or two on my adventures in the backwoods, when I can find a tree, here in Texas.

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