Fearless Love by Kennedy Kelly #review

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The book starts after the tragic loss of Miles Cole, Audra’s husband. It is a sad story because of how he dies. I wont spoil it, but it was a shocker. The characters are different in the fact that they are a little older, Audra is 35 and a professor. She has a lot of life to live and she is in that transitional stage of grief.  She is not a shut in, she goes about life and sort of just exists. I was glad that the author didnt create a great depression out of this character. She has some great friends that aid in trying to balance out her grieving process.   The book starts with Audra on the cusp of healing from the loss of her husband Miles.sad-quotes-with-images


I liked Audra and of course Jace and Jackson, her children. Now, there is her best friend Quinn who was comic relief for me. Audra has a nickname for Quinn; she calls her “hooker”. Not ideal, but for Quinn I think it fits well. I laughed anyway and that is all that matters.  It was good to have a funny and light character to balance both Audra and Brecken. When the girls go out she runs into Brecken and it turns out he took one of her classes. He is a few years younger, but lucky for me nothing huge. I am glad he was self-sufficient.

Audra was a professor but that aspect of her life wasn’t really spoken about much. She wasn’t an old English professor reading Hamlet so for that I was thankful. She was the perfect blending of smart, sexy and well read. It was an enjoyable read that made me smile even though grief was the main subject.

SAD letters

Brecken comes to give an estimate for work to be done on Audra’s house. I was sort of glad that she was doing a little remodel, I think it was helping the healing process. So hottie Brecken enters to give an estimate. Great story there. Some pretty  emotional parts, making it worth the read! The end of the book meant the end! Another book completed, no series or cliffhanger. There was yummy steamy scenes too.



Author on Goodreads




I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where I grew up with four older brothers. I now reside in Overland Park, Kansas. I’d always loved to write as a child. My teachers would call home not because I was in trouble but because I had a creative imagination and they wanted my parents to know about the crazy stories I was writing. I’ve always been a hard worker. I started working with my family’s company when I was 15 and still haven’t stopped. I am a wife, mother of two, hold down a full time job and am now trying to be an indie author. I have a passion for reading and before I started writing I could be found with a Kindle in my hand morning, noon and night. I’m a picky reader so it’s hard to please me but I feel like I have a keen eye for a good book.

I hope you all will join me on my new journey as I release my first book Fearless Love. It can be very scary but with my passion for the written word I hope it will be well worth it.

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