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By the way, the dog on the cover is named Cujo. What is a small town full of secrets and gossip without a dog named Cujo?

As I previously reviewed the Destructive Series and YES, I am a LU Ann fan, this book was totally different! Gertie is one of the main characters and she is just that a character. She is very focused on her job and always looks for the greater good even when she is sort of dumped on by people. She has some wonderfully dialogue with her sister, whom she lives with. I think their personalities are very similar and they play well off of each other. Gertie would be as loose and free as Mabel if certain events happened at a different time. Right now though, Gertie is just coasting. The author created a character that was going through the motions, not really aware that she was being used at work like a door mat. So the sisters share an apartment, a love of Eufaula, Oklahoma and their Gram, along with her column. Gram writes a weekly column about books and gossip. Gram, for me anyways is amazing. She does and says things that only she can say and get away with.

There are a few secondary characters worth an honorable mention, such as Tyler the one who broke her heart. He was very enjoyable especially because he realized he messed up and I love a man who grovels. Also, Penny the bubble headed secretary and Jennifer the one who exploits her children s illness. I couldn’t help but get a few big belly laughs out of them. The beginning of each chapter belongs to Cujo who says things like “It’s like shit, you don’t eat it!” and “It’s so much work marking where others have
rudely peed” I just loved that dog. “Why can’t I pee inside? The cat does”

Now the delightful Rick; he is almost a remarkable as Mabel. I liked Mabel simply because she was real. She had a unique personality and never apologized for being who she was. She worked hard, partied harder and had loose lips. But…nobody expected anything different. I loved her. I liked Rick cause he was bold, he made me stop a few times, think, smile and continue to read.

If you want something that is a spicy romantic comedy then PLEASE read this one. Grams and Cujo alone are worth the price of admission!


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About The Author

L.U.  Ann

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. Moving from the lush landscapes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the high desert plains of Colorado was a drastic change. She and her family moved to their own “Little House on the Prairie” at an elevation of over 6,000 feet above sea level, and a semi-arid climate that makes it hard to grow anything. While barely anything can grow where she resides now, the wildlife makes up for it. Mountain Lions, and coyotes, and rattlesnakes, oh my!

She tries to spend a little time each day writing, but domestic chores around the house usually take precedence. She would much rather hide them from her husband. She tends to her loving four-legged children who at times become much too demanding when she locks herself in the office. This often results in MORE domestic work, and she finds herself cleaning up after their deviant behavior.

She has always been an artist painting as a hobby to back drops in theatrical set designs. Graphic design is her guilty pleasure.

A Destructive Novel is a series of three books based on her life. They deal with heavy life issues and will have the reader begging for a happily ever after.

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