Fear of Heights (Heightsbound Series #2) by Mara White @authormarawhite #review

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A woman who has everything meets a man who can offer her nothing but trouble.  They meet and oh so quickly IT happens. I loved the way the author had the sense of taboo involved here. The characters were SO captivating that book one left me thinking of the Jaylee I picture in my dreams.jaylee 29usjv6
Once again this book is just SO well written. I loved that I felt the exact same pull with the characters that I did in book 1. The Kate and Jaylee love story just leaps off the pages. For me, I felt so tortured again. If they belong together even despite all of the obstacles, then they deserve happiness. I wanted Robert to go jump off the 59th street bridge and become ocean slug food. Never did I ever think I could feel more hate towards him than I did in this book. I would totally love a few minutes to hurt him.
There are times when I was yelling to Kate in my head over and over. Specifically when her and Janinie take off to Santo Domingo. That part of the book was screaming to me.
mind blown kramer-mind-blown
It was so spot on with the scenes and descriptions, making me feel like I was part of their runaway scheme. freaking out kramer-horse-bet-o
The next character that I must talk about is Ideál. He is a character that really confused me. I felt the love hate thing for him. Immediately I thought I wanted to kick him in the throat. I changed my tune and was a little more trusting towards him. When their friendship comes to be a more stable bond, there are some really big reveals. Sort of mind blowing.
mind blown 1130
PLEASE take the journey again with Kate and Jaylee. I urge you to read this series. Underneath the drama there is pure love and loyalty.

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I’m a reader, a writer, and a lover of all things romantic.  I’m also a coffee, hot sauce, ink, telenovela and Bikram Yoga enthusiast.  I live in New York City with my husband and two children, and I spend a lot of time on the playground.
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