Falling Into Us (Falling Into You Book 2) by Jasinda Wilder @jasindawilder #Review

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Did you read book 1? No, well you gotta! This is a concurrent story and that is why I loved it! The story in book one was complete, no cliffhanger, no to be continued, just wrapped up.

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I am going to say that I liked book one for some of the twisting and turning that gave way to very unique character flaws. This book was better. First Jason was awesome, so was his flaw/issue and as for Becca’s, well she was better. Want to know a secret? hhmmm she stuters. YES so way out there freakin amazingly different. The families that were portrayed were so real to me. I know that Becca’s family was very complicated, as was her brother Ben. Now Ben is a whole other story! Ben and his girlfriend Kate were a saga that hit home!

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There is a lot of meat in this particular book. I am sad that I read some reviews that were not good. It pisses me off actually that people would pick up a book with the cover looking almost too hot to touch and say it was erotic. Really? Was it erotic? NO I will say it was steamy at several points, yes. So dont go out of your comfort zone and branch out to this genre if you are not comfortable with some orgasms and screaming Jason YES, oops got away there for a moment.

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It happens to be that Becca, I had so much sympathy for. I felt the angst, emotional pain and family life she had to go through. He situation, like Jason, was VERY unique to me. These two had so many differences but the few commonalities were GREAT!


So, like I said if you are a screamer, then please grab this!

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