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My name is Bently Young. I wouldn’t say I’m an angry person. In fact my life had been like a bubble gum infused sundae topped with happiness sprinkles up until the age of when I could date. And I started to date a lot. Guys were fun at first, a nice dinner, someone to tell me I was pretty and laugh at my sarcastic jokes. But then the little creeps started showing their true colors. And they were not my favorite colors. They were like barf green and overripe fungus tangerine. And it made me angry.

Swearing off dating all together was too drastic, but I sure wanted to not do it for a while. I had my family and friends to keep me occupied. I didn’t need a man to take me to cheesy restaurants. One could only eat so much free bread and butter. Life could keep zooming along without the necessity of someone with chest hair being around.

Oh but then I met Josh. If I could have just never known he existed, all would have been fine. Of course, I don’t mean that because if I never knew he was in the world, my own world would have been an awful place. He makes me want to dance under a happiness sprinkle hail storm. Pretty much he is gorgeous and has the insane ability to use his words to make my heart float out of my chest. That made things a lot better when everything else I knew in my life decided to implode.  But we weren’t immune to the black hole of horribleness either.

Ours is an epic love story and I just happened to write it down for you…

What people are saying…

“I felt like it was emotional torture reading the book but I couldn’t put it down! It was amazing! I would compare it to what Abby and Travis had in Beautiful Disaster.” From Skye’s Book Blog

“I would recommend this to anyone who is into contemporary. This is definitely a must read.” From Diaries of a Book Lover

“Write For Me was a fun read and is so worth it just for the laughs! But as well as the funny moments there are also serious aspects that make this book more than a light summer read.”  From the Slanted Bookshelf

“Josh, the love interest was the cutest human being on earth that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.” From Simply Bookish Things

“Bently is an extraordinary character! It was easy to read from her point of view and picture her world. She was such a strong character it was amazing after the things she’d gone through…  I think I might just go and do a re-read of the book. “ From Trusty Page Turners

“I really think everyone that enjoys the new adult genre should go read this book. I will say that it does end with the happily ever after so you won’t be disappointed (and I even shed some happy tears at the end).” From The Other Side of the Shelf

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Josh writing to Bently: You are so quick to throw away your passionate feelings when you are angry or they become inconvenient. Bently, I want all your feelings. I want to see how disorganized and filthy your mind is. Wink at the double meaning of that last analogy. Share your feelings with me. Tell me Im a jerk for kissing you. Let me know if the fact that I can’t stop staring at you out of the corner of my eye in class is creepy. Make me aware of the hurt from your grief that you are holding on to.


As I turned around to see where they kept the cutting boards, because that says a lot about a person, I noticed that there was now a shadow over me. And that shadow was coming from a very tall pair of legs. My eyes followed up past the perfectly fitted jeans, traveled north to the nice button down shirt, which showed no sign of pudge, but instead an American Eagle type muscular chest. Then, my eyes finally reached a somewhat scruffy, but chiseled, tanned face. Now the body of this tree-like human at first glance was awesome, but the face was like seeing a work of art come to life. Piercing blue eyes with dark lashes. A straight nose that had character because it was probably broken at some point. Nice eyebrows that didn’t look like they were manscaped. A strong looking mouth with moistened lips that looked a little too enticing. And the hair was this messy chestnut brown that was short, but you could run your fingers through it. It wasn’t sponge roller length or anything.

And then it spoke. “Do you normally perform a kitchen inspection when you come to parties? I don’t see you wearing a badge, so you must be undercover.”

He leaned in close to my face and I realized I was not breathing because I could feel his breath, but not smell it.

“I would give this dump an F.” He leaned back from me and looked amused at his own joke.

I blinked as if I just saw Albert Einstein back from the dead riding a bulldog and wearing a top hat. What was happening? I hated guys. Guys were evil and would rip your heart out and put it in a sustainable bag so it could never die, but just be turned into heart compost. Why was I thinking this guy was attractive? Why did I imagine myself sitting by a fire with him playing Monopoly and eating microwaved s’mores off his face? I had to stop this immediately.

“And let me guess, you are the official panty inspector? Here to classify any and all females into categories of heck yes, not too bad, and definitely wears grannies?”


“Yes, grannies. Large soft cottony undergarments, often worn by old ladies or those of us who like to occasionally not have a twist tie up our butts.”

He chuckled this deep laugh and crossed his arms as he leaned against the counter across from me. “You don’t strike me as a grannies type girl,” he said with a sexy smirk.

Oh boy. Abort! I should have given him a bean dip facial. Something.

“What kind of girl do you take me for then?”

He deadpanned, “More of a spanx woman.”

Spanx? Are you flippin kidding me? Was he implying that I looked fat? Or that I was hiding something? I let out a mortified huff and glared at him, tugging my dress down because I may or may not have been wearing spanx. I’d been consuming a lot of takeout lately. I decided to end this and go find Taylor to tell her I had encountered a first class jerk and would happily be hoofing it home. I turned to move past Mr. Human Tree Guy, but he moved so that I couldn’t pass him. I took a step to the left and so did he; I moved back right as the tree did. I took three steps back, did a spin, and just barely got by as he grabbed my arm.

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Michelle Holt is a West Coast author who likes to spend her time dreaming up fun love stories and testing out the best chocolate chip cookie recipes. She has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Beginning with her dramatic Barbie and Ken plot lines that were often requested by friends. She has refined her craft since then. She believes there is a hot smart guy just waiting to fall in love with every pretty funny girl. And that sarcasm makes the world go round.

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