THE ORIGINAL SIN: Summer of Sin Series by M.J Fields, Chelsea Camaron, Angelica Chase, Daryl Banner, Ripp Baker, and MX King @ChelseaCamaron @DarylBanner @mjfieldsbooks




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He is sin. Well it is hard to tell which author wrote which character, and then it hit me: why do I care? I dont care. Simon is just so juicy and devious. He is the king of porn. So now if you are in need of a defibrillator or some nitro under your tongue, I will allow you to handle that before reading any more. So Sadi is a strange lady. From a young 16 year old she aspired to be his queen, queen of the AVN, queen of porn and so on. 

cat-looks at porn

There were a lot of statistics that involve the entire industry. I myself was not aware how much money an actress makes, nor was I aware of the amount of monthly subscriptions are sold. Sadi and Simon ruled the entire industry. Moving forward along with your smut you will get an education on the industry. I would have volunteered to help, research and guide the authors but I was not asked. I wonder who did the research? Oh well I will help for the next book.

I thought it was very very naughty.

shocked cat

It was on the edge of too naughty. Now moving on to the entire plot. The story of Sadi was not easy to read. I assume that the authors divided the characters and whoever wrote Sadi just killed it. I totally thought she hit her stride and was going to coast, but NO, she had a plan and WOW She was so smart and devious and I loved her.





Finally a girl who has a man by the balls. She is my hero

recommended highly orasnge

Now back to Simon. His summer of sin reveal was shocking! A seriously dark and dirty beach read. Be aware that you wont be able to put it down. It is best read in one sitting, just so you know.


What happens when everyone’s secrets are shared?

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