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After a horrible and disfiguring fire, Kiera Mason is ready to re-enter society. She has only her Mother’s sister left. So she plans to stay with them as a way of healing. She has a plan and gives herself sufficient time frames to work towards. The goals are reasonable as is her course of treatment. She refers to her burns from the fire that took her parent’s life as “patchwork” skin. She has obvious self esteem issues. When Keira goes to her Aunt and Uncles house she is confronted with starting over with everything from a new name to a family she never really knew.

romantic suspense 3925332_origThe truth of her ordeal comes out in small parts, each one more shocking that the other. It makes this a page turner. When the naughty comes in so does Jake…jacob omalley (3)

The author creates a group of people that you honestly hate. Cousin Whitney is the queen and refuses to bow to anyone. She is bold, opinionated, bossy and abusive to people. She seems to get away with things because of her Anson name. Her dad, Bud is a real estate and construction genius who makes people money. So that is the way he gets everything done. They are EVIL!

apple devil

The entire story surrounds this family, the Anson’s and one Jacob O’Malley, bar owner bad boy.

This is loaded with hate, anger, family and lots of scandal with a side on erotic romance. So YES its got everything I love. This author continues to surprise me with her stories. This was another captivating read. The last 25% was like WOW I cursed, cried, and was really angry This is gonna stay with me for a while

People have three faces, one you show the world, one you show your family and close friends, and your true face that you only show yourself.



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Angela March has accomplished another “Life Goal” of writing a book series. Angela has always loved any and everything creative. She has taken all the aspects of the stories she likes to read, compiling them into her writing style. Add her own personal life experiences along with a dash of humor. Her *A Southern Series* (3 book series) were written loosely based off her life experiences thus far. Angela’s life motto is… You have one shot at life.. When my time is up I want to slide into home saying what a ride… what a wild ride.

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