Ballers: His Game (Ballers Series Book 1) by Blue Saffire @TheBlueSaffire #review



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Ballers : His Game Book 1 in the Ballers Series
Book 1 in the Ballers Series

For me this is the ultimate type of read. I love my sports books, particularly basketball and football, this was right up my alley. The characters were really put together in a believable way. They were set up in their careers, educated and shared a bond. Typically I like to read this genre, so it is a win win. When you feel instantly that these characters have definite staying power, read on my friend!staying_power

For me I don’t want go into the plot and give a back jacket synopsis so I will say that Brad and Tam are great. There are several supporting role characters that I really want to have a story too. Reese is at the front of my list.plot 3

Lastly I need to mention that I did notice it was an interracial romance and to be honest I didnt even know it until more than halfway through. It is a non issue for me but some people really enjoy them and this was a minor issue type thing. It was not like race was a deciding factor. There are a lot of twists and turns in this one so beware it is a semi-bumpy ride, drama filled but not too much angst. If you throw the kindle it wont damage it. Beware of an evil sister in-law.damn lol

*This is Book 1 in the Ballers Series. This book can be read as a stand although characters from Hush do appear. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience.

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This is the read order for the best experience.

Legally Bound 1

Legally Bound 2: Against the Law

Legally Bound 3: His Law

Perfect For Me 1

Hush 1: Family Business

Ballers 1: His Game

Brothers Black 1: Wyatt the Heart Breaker

Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love

Hush 2: Slow Burn

Legally Bound 5.0: Sam

Ballers 2: His Final Play

Legally Bound 5.1: Tasha Illegal Dealings

Brothers Black 2: Noah the Beast coming soon …

**This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+
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NEW YORK CITY – In just over a year since romance author Blue Saffire began writing and releasing books, she has trailblazed a path to success that many indie writers can only dream of. A multi-Swirl Award winner and a perennial Amazon bestseller, Saffire is the woman behind the popular interracial romance series “Legally Bound,” “Hush,” “Ballers,”“Brothers Black,” “Perfect For Me” and “Yours.”

Always the overachiever, Saffire typically releases a new book every four to six weeks, quenching the thirst of her dedicated fans with spicy storylines and dynamic writing. Saffire has seven releases slated between October 2016 and January 2017 including three new “Brothers Black” books and four new “Legally Bound” books.

One of Saffire’s keys to success is her talent for connecting with readers on a personal level. In 2017, she’s throwing Blue’s March Madness from March 23 to March 25 at Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, SC. Not only does each reader get a chance to meet and hang out with Saffire, she’s inviting her bestselling author friends to join in on the fun. Included in the price of tickets are the events, new books exclusive to March Madness attendees and an extra-special secret surprise. For more information, visit….

BLUE SAFFIRE is a woman on a mission to share her words and thoughts with the world. She has found her passion in her pen and steams up the pages with her humor, honesty, love and voice. Saffire represents the secret author inside that some of us are too scared to let out.

Saffire and her family all enjoy life in the suburbs. However, life throws her challenges daily and since her diary is no longer enough, she has decided it is time for new outlets for the words she would never say face to face to her friends, family and definitely not her husband. For more about Blue Saffire and her books, visit



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