Finding Claire (Hill Country Secrets Book 1) by Pamela Humphrey #review @phreypress





This was completely spellbinding. It totaled my weekend I couldn’t do anything but read read read WOW I’m so glad I did


The beginning of the book is a little cliche if you read the description but for me it was a great mystery immediately.

She wakes up in the back of a van, and her whole world changes. mystery-outline-woman

The author sets up the character in a weak and semi-altered state. She is confused and has no memory. The part where she finds herself at Alex’s house is where it begins to really cook! The Texas Hill County is where the plot thickens. If you are a fans of a good intriguing mystery, then please grab this one. I was consumed with it. Injured and afraid—yes but it is not graphic, just good writing!

Personally the way the author wrote Rainy and Alex as best friends was the icing on my cupcake. While things can be moving in a way you like, here comes Rainy with the common sense attitude. Sometimes he annoyed me. I wanted Alex to grow and trust, so when he was all in right away, I was happy while the doubters started to come out of the woodwork.



Overall it is a worthwhile read. There is a lot of small town type characters for you to love. I am so anticipating more from the author and the series. Way to go Pamela!






Pamela Humphrey was inspired to write after researching her genealogy. Intending to create a booklet for her mom and immediate family, she set about gathering stories and pictures of the Ramirez family. She ended up writing her first book, Researching Ramirez: On the Trail of the Jesus Ramirez Family, a family history of her great great grandfather’s family. During that research, she found a christening record that ignited her imagination. Using the documentation she’d found as a backbone for the story, she imagined what life was like for her ancestors and wrote The Blue Rebozo, a fictional account of her great grand aunt’s life.

On a road trip, when driving through the Texas Hill Country, the landscape sparked the idea for her latest book. Weaving mystery, genealogy, and romance, she wrote Finding Claire. She is currently writing the next book in the Hill Country Secrets series.

She is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who enjoys many creative outlets: sewing, paper-crafting, jewelry-making, practicing her bass guitar, reading, and conversing with imaginary characters (what most call writing). She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, sons, black cats, and leopard gecko.


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