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Book: Reminiscent Hearts
Author: Rachel De Lune
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 14th February
A second chance love story.
Lily Hill was a good girl. Sweet, innocent, hardworking, with her whole life in front of her. And completely in love with Jake Stewart.
Jake was the ultimate bad boy, who screwed around and never played by the rules. He had his own secrets and demons, and for him, Lily was the light to his dark. He knew how Lily felt about him. It was the best un-kept secret between friends. But the one good thing he did was keep his hands off Lily. She’d never survive his deepest desires.
Or so he thought.
A lot can happen in five years.
Lives change. People change. But what about love?

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven contemporary and erotic romance.
She began scribbling her stories of dominance and submission in the pages of a notebook several years ago, and still can’t resist putting pen to real paper. What ifs are turned into heartfelt stories of love where there will always be a HEA.
Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes with red soles, lingerie and chocolate. If she’s not writing HEAs, she’s probably reading them. She is a wife and has a beautiful daughter. For every woman who’s ever desired more.


drink is finally empty, and I remain firm in my decision not to drink any more.
Charlotte, on the other hand, hasn’t listened to the same advice. She has downed
at least three other vodka cocktails and is now looking a little green. After
settling in with the others, we had a good evening. A few guys had come over to
chat with Charlotte, Jenny and Claudia. I wasn’t sure if they were from our year
or people who Louise’s brother had invited.

It’s a
little after 10:30 p.m. and I need to venture inside to find the loo and grab a glass
of water. “Hey, I’m heading inside. Does anyone want a drink? Aside from
Charlotte, that is?”

no fair. I’m… fine.”

I think you need the water more than I do. Come on.” I ease her
from her chair, and we head back in.

noise from the house had escalated since we arrived. There are people
everywhere. A hot wave engulfs us as we open the back door and try to push
through the crowd. It’s insane. People are crammed in and spilling out of the
front door. My sensible head sees disaster written all over this.

on. I need to find the bathroom before we get you some water.”
We reverse our roles as I keep hold of Charlotte who has started to sway. I look
around the hallway and try to spot the bathroom. There are only a few people on
the stairs, so I start in that direction, but I stop. As I look up, Jake stands at the
top of the stairs, leaning against the side bannister. Louise is draped over him. I
have the perfect view of both of them.

take a gulp of air and hold it in my chest, determined the balloon of air
will protect my heart from breaking. Jake’s hand is holding her bum, pulling her
into him. I don’t think she could be plastered any closer. Her hands stroke his
chest. She’s all over him and not being at all subtle about it. I take it all in in a
blink. I see the sly look in Louise’s eyes and the hard set of Jake’s jaw. My eyes
flutter to clear the tears forming, but I can’t tear them away.

if he can feel me watching, Jake turns his head and stares straight at
me. His eyes, devoid of all emotion or warmth, hold mine. The little lost boy from
my memory is nowhere to be seen. His eyes aren’t mischievous or playful. They
are harsh and cold and my stomach crashes to the floor. My heart misses a few

stare, locked in each other’s sights. My eyes focus on Jake, and I can’t
break free. He turns his head to Louise, and with his eyes locked on mine, licks
the side of her face before he claims her mouth and kisses her

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