Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone by Beth Liebling @lovelaughbeth @JKSlitpublicity




Radio Show, Luxury Boutique and #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Encourage Passionate Relationships as a Way of Maintaining Emotional Intimacy and Long Term Connections 


HOUSTON, Texas – A board certified divorce attorney for years, Beth Liebling struggled to help couples see where they had gone wrong, but it was too little, too late. Once they were in her office, she couldn’t help them repair the relationship…she supported the process to end it. She began asking her clients questions most divorce attorneys might not put forward; Beth asked about sex. She found out that all of these couples had unsatisfying sex lives, whether it was the cause or effect of their crumbling marital state. 


So what happens when the divorce attorney and mother of five ended up divorced herself? Beth found herself looking to heal herself and find what had been missing in her own life, as well as help the people who’d been her clients. She opened up Darling Way, a luxury boutique catering to love, passion and romance. 


At Darling Way, Beth helps others embrace the joy of romance, encourages self-confidence and acceptance, celebrate meaningful sexy fun, and find ways to create deep and loving passionate relationships with their partners. And because she taught her children the importance of honoring loving relationships as the basis for a happy family…her adult son and daughter-in-law run the brand with her! 


Since the start of Darling Way, Beth has become an influential love and relationship expert with her weekly radio show, “Love and Laughter with Beth” on ESPN Houston, and she’s adding to her offerings of sex expertise with her new book release, “Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone” (Darling Way, January 30, 2018). Beth speaks about mating, dating, sex and relationships from a uniquely personal, empathetic, yet also highly professional perspective. Her lighthearted approach about serious topics encourages, educates and empowers men and women of all ages and backgrounds to embrace their own sexuality in a way that uplifts their mind, body and spirits.   


Beth has a way of making conversations about even sensitive, intimate topics seem “normal” and always fun. Beth’s emphasis on laughing together rather than “at” anyone no matter what their sex questions or problems has endeared her to young, old, straight, gay and everyone with a heart.  


In an interview, Beth can discuss: 


  • Helping couples and individuals find love and passion, no matter their hesitations or the stresses or distance that might keep them apart. 
  • Working with her family to run Darling Way…an unusual family business that she says brings them close together as a family! 
  • How sex (or sex problems) contribute to divorce… from a board-certified divorce attorney and divorcée 
  • How to be comfortable being uncomfortable; Talking about sex is intimidating but Beth can help anyone in a fun way to learn this key element of relationship communication 
  • The unique sex perspective she brings to the airwaves; Dr. Ruth is a clinician, Howard Stern is a “dirty bird,” and Beth is an inclusive confidante and friend to her listeners 
  • Being open to making mistakes when it comes to sex…it’s all in good fun! 
  • How exploring sexy fun in new and different ways can ignite passion even in long-term relationships. 
  • Why playing at the “edge” of one’s comfort zone is important when it comes to sexy connection. 
  • Why creating a unique romantic show in the bedroom improves a couple’s chance of a having a happy long-term relationship.  
  • The benefits of sex and orgasm to one’s emotional, physical and spiritual well being. 
  • How a happy sex life furthers professional and financial success as well as personal satisfaction and overall happiness.  


Beth Liebling is many things—a former board-certified family lawyer,  host of the radio show/podcast “Love and Laughter with Beth” (ESPN Houston 97.5Fm and Itunes), author of the new book “Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone.” A mother of five, and a grandmother of one, Beth is the family-forward founder of Darling Way, an elegantly romantic, playfully sexy, luxury boutique in the historic Houston Heights. Visit her at 


Beth has extensive experience speaking publicly, most obviously on her own radio show and on her additional weekly appearance on “The Blitz”, both on ESPN Houston Radio 97.5fm. She also leads workshops and discussions regularly in Houston at Darling Way and other venues, has been a speaker at B2B conferences and is a regular guest on other radio/tv shows and podcasts. She broke down unspoken barriers in Dallas when she was invited by BC/BS to speak at their Active Living Expo for Senior Citizens about “Passion at any Age”.  


“Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone” 

Beth Liebling | January 30, 2018 | Darling Way | Genre: Self-Help 

E-book ASIN: B078VN3Z8W | Price: $9.99  

Paperback 978-1-947368-52-1: | Price: $15.95 

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