Inciting a Riot by Karen Renee @karenreneewrite



Tucker took one step back from me to take in my dress. His lips pursed and shifted to the side, and then he nodded at me. I couldn’t hear him over the frantic beats of Moby, but I could read his lips were saying, “You’re right.” He turned his back on me, and without allowing me to decide which pair I wanted to wear, his right hand shoved my Jimmy Choo Koko high-heeled sandals at me. Don’t get me wrong, they were stellar shoes, but I wasn’t certain they were the shoes I wanted to wear for the evening. When I didn’t immediately take them from Tucker’s outstretched hand, his head swiveled to me and he glared.

I glared even as I took the shoes from him. I moved toward the bed to assess my other two pairs of shoes, but Tucker immediately put the shoe-box lids on them. My casted right hand went immediately to my hip, and my left motorcycle boot clad foot shot out at an angle. The other two men in the room felt my vibe and Tucker looked up at them. Then he looked to me and straightened.

“Problem?” he asked, and I could hear him because the song had ended.

“I’d like to look at the other two pairs of shoes I asked you to bring, if you don’t mind.”

Let me tell you, heterosexual men were not the only males of the species who could turn alpha on a girl. My snippy comment had effectively poked the alpha within Tucker. He moved into my space and growled at me, “I mind. Did you two favors tonight, Frankie. I got your shoes and brought them up here, and I took in your excellent dress and made the decision on which of these three pairs of shoes were most appropriate. Don’t insult me by second-guessing me. Switch your shoes and I’ll walk you out to put the others in the back of your ride.”

My lips were set in a firm, straight line as I fought to hold on to my temper. Reggie entered the room at that point with two glasses of wine in hand.

He stopped mid-stride. “Uh-oh. What have I walked in on here?”

One of the two men in the room said, “A showdown. This should be fun.”

Reggie looked from the man back to Tucker and me. “Oh. Yes, you never should have included a pair of knock-off Choos in your request for shoe options, dear. If Tuck has proclaimed you should wear those shoes in your hand, then you need to do as he advises. When it comes to fashion on other people, he is not wrong. You know this, Frankie.”

I slowly turned my head to the left to look at Reggie and just as slowly I raised an eyebrow at him. He shrugged at me, and I realized I did know that Tucker had excellent fashion sense. It was like the way some people had a natural card-sense when playing poker, bridge, or gin-rummy. Tucker was blessed with an innate sense of fashion and what suited individual people as well as their bodies and coloring. I didn’t like this aspect of Tucker’s personality, not his fashion brilliance, but his alpha-esque pushiness about it.

“Fine,” I huffed as I plopped my ass on the bed and began to untie my motorcycle boots.

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Karen Renee is the author of Unforeseen Riot and Inciting a Riot. She has wanted to be a writer since she was eight years old, but it’s taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writers and/or reads books.



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